Introduction: Vinegar Jar

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You can buy a vinegar jar, but I found it cheaper to make one.

Step 1: Ceramic Pot and Spout

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I picked up the ceramic jar from a Chinese market and the spigot from amazon, each for a few dollars.

Step 2: Drill

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Use a tile bit to drill a hole in the side of the pot.

Step 3: Spigot

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Insert the spigot through the hole and attach the rubber seals before tightening the bolt on the inside.

Step 4: Finished

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Brew some vinegar.


Riffifi (author)2017-08-07

i actually have a vinegar jar, that i bought "not for cheap" some years ago (if i only knew this instructable before i would have made one by myself). but the tap is made of wood with a cork , and i'm afraid it will start to leak... i've never thought of a metal tap as a replacement, so thanks for the idea!

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