Introduction: Vinegar/Baking Soda Grenade

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I knew that vinegar and baking soda made an explosive reaction, so i made this. You throw it and it goes boom in the air!

Step 1: Get Stuff

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You need:

a box of baking soda
a bottle of vinegar
a spoon
a ziploc bag
a cup of water
an empty film canister

Step 2: Cut Plastic Bag

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Take the ziploc bag and hold it up to the side of the canister, with one of the bottom corners at the bottom of the canister. Cut at the top of the canister to form a triangle with the bag.

Step 3: Pour Vinegar

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Take the canister and fill it up about a quarter of the way with vinegar.

Step 4: Add Baking Soda

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Use spoon to half-fill the plastic bag corner with baking soda. Place carefully in canister, making sure not to let vinegar in yet. Put lid back on canister.

Step 5: Throw!

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Throw the canister in the air towards the street, your enemies, your friends, whatever. Watch it explode in mid-air!

Step 6: Clean Up/prepare for Another Throw

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put the bag and the canister in the cup of water to rinse. Repeat from step 3.


Chromedome (author)2006-09-15

My friends and I did something similar when we were kids. We'd take some weapons grade plutonium and sandwich it between some high grade explosives and then simultaneous detonate the explosive using a precision discharge timing unit,(built with parts from radio shack). We'd set it off out in the desert and run like hell! The mushroom cloud was quite impressive. Maybe you've seen some of our video's floating around the net? Those were the good old days! Well... I'v got a chemo treatment so I'll catch you later and keep up the good work!

Cobalt59 (author)Chromedome2011-01-26


lucanos (author)Cobalt592016-05-04

A group of Lybians paid me to build a bomb - but I gave them a shoddy bomb casing full of used pinball machine parts.

ilpug (author)Chromedome2010-03-09

lol for days

psmurf56 (author)2010-01-29

BE CAREFUL! these are not TOYS!
Unfortuantly I have experiance with these. Back in the early 90's my friend and I were playing around with making these and one went off in my hands. It blew a piece of glass about 2 inches square into my lower forearm and cut my tendons in HALF! Thank god it missed my artery (by mm) but I still had to be rushed to the ER to have surgery to put my tendons back together. Now I have this nice BIG scar from my hand to my elbow because when the tendons were cut they acted like rubber bands (you get the idea).

One piece of advise, if you are going to play with these NEVER hold them!

ilpug (author)psmurf562010-03-09

that sucks BHDs. hey, i understand and totally agree with your warning, as i have much experience with this knida thing too, but why were you using GLASS?

psmurf56 (author)ilpug2014-01-18

Well to put it bluntly I was young and STUPID! LOL

TBH its pretty stupid to be using glass or metal and it's safer to be using something like a film canister instead

sparkyss (author)2006-08-15

if you contane it in a pop bottle it wont do any thing. the presher prevents chemical reaction.

ilpug (author)sparkyss2010-03-09

no, the chemical reaction happens, and  the gasses given off by the reaction pressurize the bottle, but pop bottles (HDPE plastic) dont always pop easily, so use extreme caution. they can blind/lacerate you if they explode near you.

Hold_out (author)2006-12-12

I'm currently working on a bicarb and vinigar ROCKET LAUNCHER.

ilpug (author)Hold_out2010-03-09

made one. shot 100+ feet. spooged vinegar solution all over me. it sucked. dismantled it and used parts for BS&V mortar. mortar is better. :)

James M (author)Hold_out2006-12-12

That sounds awesome. Tell me how it works out

random man (author)2007-08-26

this is great and nice instructable.How about putting a weight on the canister then chucking into a pool!

ilpug (author)random man2010-03-09

good idea... give the fish a headache

cubester808 (author)2008-08-04

hate to ruin this cause its so fun but i got some news: my friends and i were doing these and my mom wanted to see them work. i threw it and my mom was only a couple feet away and the bottle hit her chest hard and ripped a hole right through her shirt. the bruise looked like a high powered paintball gun. all im saying is keep ur distance and be really careful...otherwise these are harmless.

ilpug (author)cubester8082010-03-09

were u using film cannisters?

che567 (author)2007-06-12

you can make a really powerfull grenade but if you made it wrong it can blow off your arms all you do is wrap sodium up in foil and put it in a bottle of hydrocloric acid my brother made this but the foil corroded too fast and it blew up and now hes got one left hand with 2 fingers

ilpug (author)che5672010-03-09

well, ooooo thats bad, he only has one left hand! (did you mean one hand left? that would suuuck) i have one left ahd too!  i doubt this alot btw

ItsTheHobbs (author)che5672008-02-29

I doubt this story. show me a picture with proof

Top Dog (author)che5672007-11-16

No seriously, I mean like umm, wow, uhh, okay, ouch aaaaaaaah. He really lost his fingers or just burned them?

nerfer192 (author)che5672007-11-02


me! (author)che5672007-10-04


Makersauce (author)2010-02-21

i made so much that my street is so messy and a lot of caps got lost and some film canisters have a BIG crack

M 60 (author)2008-06-25


mo5 (author)M 602009-08-22

ha you got served

RyuuKasai (author)M 602009-01-01

Pro tip: CAPS MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING Please don't yell at us. : )

winman2000 (author)2009-04-11

Kinda stole it from another guy on this site... Or vice-versa =p

spooky_012 (author)2009-03-21


matt_the_awsome (author)2007-04-16

dude u r cool.even though its a little old its cool

esplonky (author)matt_the_awsome2009-02-06

I AGREE! put another cut of a bag in the canister above the baking soda

esplonky (author)2009-02-06

add airsoft bb's and you've got fun!

Matt D655 (author)2008-07-19

thats cool but u should have made a video

M 60 (author)2008-06-25


mw212 (author)2007-11-18

THis one is so much better ( includes pepper or powder and stuff)

New Grenade

BLUe_Coke (author)2007-07-20

pretty nice man!!!

bowmaster (author)2007-05-29

Half fill a film canister with vinegar then put in a circle of paper the same size and shape as film canister then fill with baking soda put the cap on and flip then put it in you pants (the last part is the most important of all)

Mr.Bitterness (author)2006-09-05

I just got a really nasty idea for one of these that should NEVER EVER BE USED EVER. You fill half a glass bottle with hydrochloric acid, and tape some tin foil srips to the cap so they hang just out of reach of the acid. Leave a note saying "Shake Me" Step 2: Go to Prison

killerAP (author)Mr.Bitterness2007-04-19

have you taken ur medicine lately?

LoneRanger (author)Mr.Bitterness2007-02-12

Sounds dangerous.......Wat if they used em in the Army tho......?

Motocross22 (author)2007-04-18

Nice, i do this all the time it is fun!

insted of the bag try a glue stick cap and fill that with baking soda, it flots

reborn-pyromainia (author)2007-03-19

Too be honest i have made one at hot better than this with the ability to shoot 20ft+ if done properly or rip holes in 600ml coke bottles i will be posting this sometime in the next few weeks of how i do it.

LoneRanger (author)2007-01-21

Hold_out please PM me when you finish because I'd really like to see it when it's finished. Also, use a Dasani water bottle and used white distilled vinegar, it works better. And, I think I'm going to put airsoft bb's in mine so I can use it in an airsoft game. Good job tho!

AUTboner (author)2006-11-26

I wish I had video of a similar reaction with dry pool chlorine and brake fluid. Back when sodas came in glass bottles we would add the mix and try to time the throw to explode in the air. After I had one explode in my hand, shredding my fingers and perforating the rest of me with hot brake fluid and chlorine (if you think THAT doesn't hurt like HE77 you don;t know ANYTHING!) we realized that the reaction is accelerated by exposure to sunlight. BTW, don't try it nowadays... it IS a federal offense.

happydog (author)2006-10-24

Sick man!!!! I got a whole arsenal stored in the closet...

stupidkid2000 (author)2006-09-27

PS. what scares even more crap out of the neighbors is when I fill a whole gallon-sized used milk jug with vinegar and use a gallon-sized Ziploc bag for the baking soda... You can only guess how much friggin noize and vinegar residue it makes... Which reminds me, you must remember that the baking soda makes a big ugly mess that can be hard to clean up.

stupidkid2000 (author)2006-09-27

Ahh... I remeber creating BS/V rockets at the Discovery Science Center back in the 4th grade... I thought it was awsome like hell and I am doing it again 5 years later... only this time with 500mL water bottles. I like the bottles because 1. you have to either throw the bottle for it to explode (you get to save it for later) or wait for several hours for it to explode. 2. the explosion is crazy like hell! Here are some instructions I wrote: The Baking Soda and Vinegar Grenade - By stupidkid2000[rather not post my name] What you will need: - 300mL of vinegar - 100mL of baking soda - Sandwich-sized Ziploc bag - Scissors - Funnel (optional; it makes pouring vinegar easier) Directions: 1. Empty water bottle. 2. Fill bottle 3/4 full with vinegar. 3. Cut the corner off of sandwich-sized Ziploc bag, creating a pouch 4 inches deep. 4. Fill pouch with baking soda. 5. Fold corner in thirds, with each fold beginning at corner. 6. Pinch pouch in different areas until it fits through mouth of bottle. 7. Drop pouch in bottle, being careful not to let baking soda react with the vinegar. 8. QUICKLY put cap back on and screw as tight as possible. 9. Take bottle outside and shake for 10 seconds, with cap pointed away from self. 10. Throw bottle at target. Stay as far back as possible. The bottle will give off a very loud bang. It sounds very similar to a balloon popping, only it is about 5 times as loud. If you try this trick you might hear the bang and think that the liquid must have been blown for a very long distance, but it really only has a radius of about 4 meters. The reason for the short range is actually because of how powerful the explosion is. If it had much less force, then it would have sprayed large droplets, making surrounding objects appear much wetter. However, since the bottle exploded with a huge amount of force, the water was spread out much more smoothly, resulting in extremely fine droplets. They did not travel a short distance, they were just distributed extremely evenly. An alternate method, if you would rather not through the grenade, is to unscrew the cap a tiny bit when you want it to explode. It will fizz for a few seconds, stop, and blow the cap off (or possibly part of the bottle). Once, I accidentally used a bottle that had a hole in the cap, and it exploded in my hand and it hurt VERY, VERY, BADLY. You get about 7 seconds before it explodes. You could possibly even make a rocket by simply throwing the grenade at the ground after unscrewing cap. To relieve the pain of a grenade exploding in your hand, simply run your hand under warm tap water. These grenades can be a very fun addition to any combat-based game. Make about 10 of them and store them in your arsenal along with your paintball or airsoft guns, just remember not to shake them before use because they eventually explode. They can also be fun for pulling pranks on people, such as creating a tripwire that drops a grenade behind the victim. However, ONLY LET THE GRENADE EXPLODE IN FRONT OF SOMEONE IF THEY ARE WEARING SAFETY GLASSES! If a grenade explodes less than about 2 meters away from you, then it can sting your eyes very badly. Well, I hope you have fun with creating these grenades. With a little research and experimentation, it can be a very fun science experiment, or just an eccentric toy. The reason I am very glad that I found instructions for this grenade is because of the Ziploc pouch... I could only fill like 1/4 of the bottle without it.

porkdemon (author)2006-09-05

me and my dad made rockets using a similar tequnique for the "engine" except we wraped the baking soda up in a tissue then cearfully wedge it in the top, then you shake and throw. ah good times, good times.

dill (author)2006-09-04

Rather than using a plastic bag, I find it easier to use a bottle cap, as depicted at

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