Introduction: Vintage Alarm Clock Radio Display (Vintage Contest)

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Hi everybody this is my creativity by me I is 10 year old.Please vote at VINTAGE CONTEST....

Step 1: Materials

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You must prepare the materials:

-HVS Paper



-Glue or double tape

-something object rectangle

Step 2: Closing the Object Picture

Picture of Closing the Object Picture

Wrap the object with HVS Paper,origami,or buffalo

Step 3: Clock

Picture of Clock

Add the clock using origami paper,after that attach the clock on the rectangle object

Step 4: Radio Controller

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Add paper with margin 0,5 CM,

Step 5: Volume and Frequensy(Channel)

Picture of Volume and Frequensy(Channel)

Make volume and frequensy controller with HVS paper.Make circle and give colour (Frequensy controller is bigger than volume controller) and then attach on the margin paper

Step 6: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

After finish,you can editing your vintage alarm clock display.....

Step 7: My Thank You for You

Picture of My Thank You for You

Thanks for your attention,I is 10 year old this is my creativity i hope you want vote my creativity because i is 10 year at VINTAGE CONTEST....



Very nice job!

Charisa0802 (author)2014-07-09

if me already in vintage contest please vote and give favorite

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