Step 7: Final assembly

Picture of final assembly
33 attaching flash ejector.jpg
35 fixing back of top section.jpg
40 fixing front and back halves of bottom section.jpg
41 fixing top and bottom sections.jpg
43 base hole drilled.jpg
44 glued and clamped.jpg
00 Vintage Camera Nightlight - finished.jpg
home stretch.

i add a piece of electrical tape to the flash ejector so i don't run the risk of shorting out the socket. then i screw the flash ejector back in place.
next, i glue & screw the back of the flash section onto the front.
then we'll make sure all our wiring is going the right way and glue the two halves of the bottom section together. slide the aluminum clips back on and bend the tops back over the neckstrap lugs.
attach the top and bottom together with the two screws inside.
lastly, we'll be screwing the nightlight to the base so start by making  hole in the base for the screw. dry fit/hold everything together and decide how far you want to the plug to come out. use a pencil or awl the mark where to drill the corresponding hole in the nightlight.
add some glue to the base and clamp everything together. screw the bottom to the nightlight and you're done!

okay, what did i forget?
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