Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? These delicious vintage chocolate dipping spoons are perfect for holiday gift giving and cost under $10 bucks. Use them to dip in hot chocolate or to spruce up your favorite coffee or latte.

I've been collecting these spoons for a while now. The best place to find them is garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores & antique shops. Don't pay more than $1.00 for each spoon. I have found them for as low as 10 cents and bought 3 vintage spoons together for $1.00.I totally scored and found one that had chocolate engraved on the bottom. One of them has the year 1847 engraved on the back.

I just love vintage!

I used 3 different kinds of chocolate, including a Mexican chocolate that was inspired by this Mexican Drinking Chocolate Instructable.

Step 1: Ingredients & Tools

Vintage Spoons

Squeeze bottle with caramel

Crushed Peppermint or Candy Canes

Holiday Sprinkles

Marshmallows for the Snowmen

Orange Sprinkles

Small round sprinkles

Milk Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate

Mini Chocolate Chips

Mexican Chocolate


2 TBL Half-&Half

Cellophane Bags



Baking sheet lined with wax or parchment paper
<p>Can these be made with plastic spoons? or will they melt putting the chocolate on them? I wanted to make about 75 of these for an anniversary party favor. what do ya think?</p>
<p>yes. I have never had a problem. Also I spoon the chocolate just onto the top of the spoon. I feel it gives a better visual presentation. </p>
I like this idea. I find lots of silverware at estate sales and auctions. To let you know, 1847 is the year when Rogers (silversmith) was formed. It is their &quot;trademark&quot; (1847 Rogers). Still, like the use of cool spoons!
i live is pakistan and the wether over here is unbearable.will these choclate melt if used in hot weather?
When chocolate is exposed to heat it will melt. If you leave it out in the sun, it will melt quicker. Refrigerate or freeze them until you are ready to use them and they will last longer. <br>
okay.. so if i want to gift it to some one, do i need to freeze it ahead of time ?
wow this is so cool! i like the idea and the snowman decorations are so cute :) ! i really want to give these a go they look really nice! ;)
sounds great.and i love your presentation.
Wow, that's so smart! You could even add flavors, like caramel or peppermint in little pockets under the chocolate. Hot chocolate on a spoon!
Wow, what a brilliant idea! I'm going to start collecting spoons for next year.:)
were going to make these for Christmas morning tea, their sooo cute!
Wonderful tutorial... sure beats retail prices!
Thank you!
omg these are such a cute idea
I have an entire utensil tray full of miscellaneous silverware. Thank you for the inspiration......and an excuse to buy chocolate! :)
Those look amazing!
Thank you!
I love that you used vintage spoons. Great Inspiration!
Thanks! I have seen these made with plastic spoons, but for gift giving I felt these very more appropriate.
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have tried to figure out what I wanted to do with some old spoons. Thanks for sharing. I had plans of sugar cubes but this looks good too.<br>Sunshiine
Sugar cubes would be an excellent addition. Thank you!
So adorable and so delicious! I've always wanted to do this. I'll have to give it a go now :)
Thanks! :)

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