I love nature. That's why I moved to a beautiful house in Devon Meadows, a quiet suburb not far away of Melbourne CBD (Central Business District). I just fell in love with the big yard but I still have a lot of work to do to around it.

One of my first projects was to make a custom bird feeding station. I know that many people don't like waking up early to the song of sparrows and other small birds. However, it reminds me of my favourite childhood fairy-tale – Cinderella. Remember that old Disney animation?

So, I wanted to invite the little fellows to my backyard. After I did some research about how water features attract them and decided that on a later point I will try to insert one into my garden landscape, I chose to begin with something simpler. The previous home-owners has left some items in the backyard. These matching metal garden trellises were amongst them. Naturally, you can use wooden ones or even old ladders. It sure would make a fun way of re-purposing old ladders, if you ask me. Not only does such a lovely DIY bird feeding station makes a great statement in the backyard but the birds actually love it. You will find great satisfaction in the sight of the playful creatures early in the morning. Personally, I love to drink my coffee on the porch and observe them.

Step 1: Preparation:

To kick off the project you need the foundation for the feeder, namely the trellises. Depending on the tools you have at hand and your handyman skills you can do that in several ways. If you are like me – a bit lazy and not that into welding, you can simply use metal wires to keep the trellises together. Don't forget that you need a sturdy foundation or the entire construction might fall apart at some point.
The raccoons and bears that inhabit my backyard would tear this asunder in less than a fortnight, but it's cute
Sorry to hear that, foobear! I have a really tall fence to prevent my dog from getting outside the premises of my garden and to fend off rabbits, deer and foxes (we do have a bunny problem in Australia :) )
Oooh I wish we ha bunnies! I would love to have a bunny problem - I don't know why - it just sounds cute! =D
Oh, they are cute indeed... just up until they get their teeth on your plants ;) However, I certainly wouldn't trade them for your racoons :P

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Bio: I am Megan. I'm 27 years old. I have a dog named Sparks. At the moment, I am a freelance writer and blogger.
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