Picture of Vintage Eprom Memory Bracelet

E(Erasable) P(Programmable) R(Read) O(Only) M(Memory)

Ceramic Eprom memory chips are too cool to plunder for their gold substrate.

So I wrapped their little legs around aluminum tubes, lashed them together with wire and secured it all with a strong magnetic clasp.

Don't let your memory get lost, wear it on your wrist and proudly show it off to everyone!

My Etsy shop if you don't want to make it yourself:


Step 1: Tools and supplies

Picture of Tools and supplies


Eproms: they come in many different sizes, so you'll have to try them out to determine how many to use.

Hobby tubing: very small diameter, I used K&S 1/16" outer diameter aluminum.

Knitting needle: slightly larger diameter than the tubing.

28-30 gauge wire, just so it goes through the tubing and is easy to wrap around the IC legs.




Smooth jawed pliers




http://www.picturehost.eu/uploads/a5548955cccd4ed255a8d9661b79fc32_amadeus change.LARGE Kopie.jpg when you cut off the half of the legs the could fit in line

cpurola (author)  أماديوسأ4 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion.

I think that would work, but might not be as strong or secure as with the full length.

Did you make one?

Clever! I like the way you tied them together.

cpurola (author)  craftclarity1 year ago
I checked out your instructables and love the wood stands.
The laptop one would work great with a separate keyboard.
(like my ibm model M clicky!)
dcp1 year ago

It is neat to reuse old electronics.

Here is my effort...

cpurola (author)  dcp1 year ago

Those are cool!

gadget-man1 year ago

That's a really cool bracelet, you have my vote.

cpurola (author)  gadget-man1 year ago


I love your vacuum form machine and want one!

sle51 year ago

Hey! Great work. Be careful of parts aren't RoHS compliant :(

cpurola (author)  sle51 year ago


Parts can be painted with clear nail polish if lead is a concern.

that's great!! too bad leaving those beautiful old components unused in a drawer...

cpurola (author)  andrea biffi1 year ago

Thanks! I see you love the old nixies too. :)

I'm completely addicted to them ;-)

Victor8o51 year ago

Those are some really nice looking chips, you should enter the green electronics contest, in any case you have my vote.

I also made a keyring attachment with an old chip:

cpurola (author)  Victor8o51 year ago

Love your key-fob. I have a few of those chips too, but not enough for a bracelet... yet.

I totally loved it :). thank you for sharing.

cpurola (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago

Thanks! I love your fuse earrings.

Honus1 year ago

Very cool!

cpurola (author)  Honus1 year ago

Thanks! Your stuff is awesome too!