It's a basic ripple and fan stitch. It is simple and elegant cover. With this pattern you can make a crochet cover for any phone and tab. The feather and fan lace stitch is a standard lace pattern and creates the illusion of alternating waves. I wanted a cover for my iPad and came across this pattern. I loved the waves and the ripple effect.


ch - Chain stitch

sl St - Slip stitch

dc - Double crochet

sc - Single crochet

If you are a beginner, you can even visit my basic tutorial page be clicking here or here.

Have a great day :)

Step 1: Row 1

Note: When creating your base chain, keep the counts in multiples of 9. Once you get to your desired width for a chain, add 1 to the chain

For your foundation row ch91

Row 1:

dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in next 3sts, *3dc in next st, dc in next
8sts. Repeat from * 8 times, 3dc in next st, dc in next 4sts to end. ch1 turn

Step 2: Row 2

Row 2:

Skip first dc, *dc into next 4sts, 3dc into next st, dc into next 4sts, skip 2sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn

Step 3: Row 3

Row 3:

slst into next 3sts, {change colour here as shown in image above} ch3
(represents a treble) then working into back loops only, tr into next 2sts, *3dtr into next st, tr into next 3sts, skip 4sts, tr into next 3sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn

Step 4: Row 4

Row 4:

dc in next 4sts, *3dc in next st, dc in next 8sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn

Step 5: Row 5 and Row 6

Row 5:

{change colour here} Working into the back loops only, skip 1st st, *dc in next 4sts, 3dc in next st, dc in next 4sts, skip 2sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn

Row 6:
Repeat row 5 but work into both loops

Step 6: Row 7

Row 7:

Repeat rows 3-6 until the work the - ending in the same colour as the first row

Step 7: Sew

Fold the work in half with right sides facing.

Sew in the ends, turn the cover right side out.

Slip it over your iPad.

Great job! I'd appreciate if you translated the steps into something a non- crocheter could make, but good job anyways
Thank you :)
<p>Great way to keep the screen from scratching.</p>
Thank you :)

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