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A fabulous tutorial on repurposing/upcycling
Vintage Frames into Ring Display cases!
Gorgeous right? 

I just love to see ALL my rings in one place!
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Step 1: Supplies and getting started!

Picture of Supplies and getting started!
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You'll need:
old thick towel
velvet material
cardboard (or the backing board that fits into the frame)

hot glue/gun
popsicle stick

Start with some empty frames.
I've been fortunate enough to pick up
awesome vintage frames at yard sales
and thrift stores for under dollars...
But they can be any style of frame you like!

And essentially these can be pretty cheap!
Paint, glaze, style your frame anyway you like!

Step 2: Let's begin!

Picture of Let's begin!
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Now, measurements will be different based on your
frame size and the thickness of the towel.
My frame's opening is 5 by 7...so this is based off of that size.
(it can hold about 20-22 rings)

Cut your towel into strips to fit the width of your frame.
I went an inch bigger (8") so I could cut it down at the end.

Start by rolling your towel tightly until it is at least
1 inch in diameter, up to 1.5 inches.
Then cut the towel.  Unroll it and cut 5 more towels that size.
So you'll have 6 for your frame.

Roll them up and test them out with a ring or 2...

Cut the edges so they fit in the opening of the frame...trim on both sides.

Step 3: Hot glue time!

Picture of Hot glue time!
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Take the rolled towels and hot glue them right onto your cardboard!

Once the rolls are secure you are ready for the velvet.
The velvet will weave in and out of the rolls...
with hot glue securing it to the cardboard as well.

Spread apart your glued rolls and run some hot glue on the cardboard.
Insert your velvet and press into the crease with a tongue depressor...
Making sure to get the velvet secured tightly to the cardboard.
Repeat for each roll.
Should look like this from the side

Put a dab of hot glue on the end of each roll and flatten
the velvet down on the cardboard so it will fit in the frame.
So smart and super cute!!!
What a great idea. I love old ornate frames like this. I have one I take to craft shows to display my contact info :D
doodlecraft (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Oh thanks! Yes, I am an old ornate frame hoarder! I love them! :) I'll have a bunch for displays if I ever do craft shows! :)