Picture of Vintage Inspired Stereo

This project started with the purchase of an old am/fm receiver. I bought it from a thrift store in a spur of the moment decision just because I thought it was cool, not really having any plans for it. Then the brainstorming began and this is what I came up with. I wanted to keep the vintage look using modern components so it would look and sound great. I decided to add a vintage looking radio tower to the top for some extra flare and to attach an extra larger speaker. So if you're looking for your own vintage stereo with modern components, lets get to it...

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

Picture of Stuff You Need

Things You'll Need: (This is what I used, you may want/need to tweak the components based on what your needs and what kind of old radio you find)

Tools You'll Need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Wire cutter
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Electrical tape

Step 2: Prepare Your Vintage Radio to Use

Picture of Prepare Your Vintage Radio to Use

The first thing you'll want to do is disassemble your vintage radio. Keep all the components in a box because you may end up using some of them later.

After your vintage radio is empty, you'll need to drill in your drywall anchors into the top. These will act as the base to hold the radio tower in place and provide it with a solid foundation. My anchors are placed about 6" wide and 4 1/2" deep. This allowed me to attach the speaker about half way up the tower.

deankosmac1 year ago

Nice work, but you should put top speaker into wooden box for better sound performance.

even so called free air speakers which are more or less infinite baffle types; require at least a baffle board in order to eliminate the front and rear wave from canceling each other out; causing there to be a reduction in the lower frequencies produced by the audio transducer. although aesthetically it won't look as good but if you got the Thiele-Small specs on the driver you've got several programs online where you can enter the specs to determine box type and size requirements. if it's a sealed air suspension type it may require as much as a 30% reduction in size depending on how much fiberglass insulation is needed to eliminate standing waves.

JON-A-TRON1 year ago

Nicely done! You would like this guy's work: http://www.lastaveamps.com

lnoels1 year ago
That looks sooo cool, im gonna use the idea for another project
travderose (author)  lnoels1 year ago

awesome! let me know how it turns out

jmixon1 year ago

stereo...... sorta.....http://www.devir.de/temp/6ch_setup.png

travderose (author)  jmixon1 year ago


BrianU1 year ago

Cool, I'm inspired. I would use a very old-timey loop/box antenna [ in Google Images, search for "antique shortwave loop antenna" ] and look at the diamond shaped ones. The if the radio had a metal faceplate, or if I made a metal faceplate, I would cover it with those faint machine swirls called damascening. Really old fashioned bakelite radio knobs easily found on an auction site would finish my project.

travderose (author)  BrianU1 year ago

Loving the idea! glad I inspired you

bleudirt1 year ago

Hi, really cool design! I see your amp has right and left channels for the two smaller speakers, but what is powering the larger speaker on the tower? And what channel would that be? Just curious. Thanks!

travderose (author)  bleudirt1 year ago

I just tied the larger speaker in to the right side along with the smaller speaker. Again, this isn't a hifi system but it does sound decent

What a sick look! Your idea of making an old-school looking radio tower on top came out pretty awesome! I like the finished photos too, did you really put it in the road? lol Do you think those metal rods would solder together instead of gluing? How about a quick weld?

travderose (author)  gravityisweak1 year ago

yea put it in the road and snapped some photos real quick. I did consider solder but I don't think it would have enough strength. Welding would probably work great but I don't have a welder (and I figured most other people don't either) so I decided to go the easier, more practical route.

techie541 year ago
I think I want to try some variation of this. Did you get the tuning vernier working? Also, a suggestion for the bass - make a case looking like a Civil Defense horn speaker. Now that would turn some heads!
travderose (author)  techie541 year ago

It still works but it doesn't control anything. That would be cool!

techie541 year ago
I think I want to try some variation of this. Did you get the tuning vernier working? Also, a suggestion for the bass - make a case looking like a Civil Defense horn speaker. Now that would turn some heads!

this turned out great. Well done

Very cool, I love the unique design!