This is an easy and cool way to display your jewelry collection. From start to finish each one only took about 20 minutes. I used vintage mirror vanity trays, but you could also use other types of frames you find at the antique market.

Step 1: Vintage Mirror Vanity Tray

You can find these trays at flea markets and on Etsy.com...they range from $10-$50. I found mine at the antique flea market for $15.

Step 2: Remove Backing and Mirror

These should slide out very easily...

Step 3: Cut Fabric and Batting

Choose a color of velvet or any other fabric that you like. I chose a neutral color so as to highlight the vibrancy of the jewelry. Cut fabric approximately 2 inches wider then you're backing. Cut out two pieces of batting the exact size of your backing.

Step 4: Attach Batting and Fabric

Place your batting on the right side of your backing and cover with your fabric. Cut out your corners so they are not too bulky when you fold them over. Hot glue around all edges pulling tightly as you go. This does not have to look pretty...you won't see it :-)

Step 5: Return Fabric Covered Backing to Frame

This step may not be as easy as taking it out. Since there is a lot more bulk with the batting and the fabric it may take a little bit of time to work it back in. If you bow the cardboard a bit it helps.

Step 6: Flip It Over and Voila!

You should not see any of the backing or glue when you turn it over.

Step 7: Hang Jewelry With Long Pins

I used vintage hatpins which are about 3 inches long. You can also use quilting pins. Push at an angle through batting and secure the end of the pin into the cardboard backing. Then hang your jewelry on the pins, secure the frame to the wall and enjoy your new work of art!

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