Step 2: The details!

Once I had the basis for the face, I planned where the eyes should go and the general shape of them.  But HEY - I'm not an artist so my lines are never perfect LOL, a little ricket-y but they give the hint and that is what matters.  ;)

Then make the nose under your smudge, add the whiskers, then the mouth.

If you want to - you can plan where the cheeks will be and then brush them with some luster dust from a cake decorating shop.  OR, what I did - was ice the whiskers on, let them dry, then I dusted the cheeks on.  (Kinda weird but it worked.)  Same goes for the eyes - they came last.  (The blue colored dust.)

My kitty figurines had pink flowers on them and I happened to have these icing flowers so they were a PERFECT fit and they matched pretty well.  I just used a dollop of royal icing to tack them on and dry overnight.

One thing that I did for added texture - was add extra squiggles around the cat hair once I was done painting it with the royal icing.  That gives it a little more depth.