Step 3: Enjoy!

I used a heat-sealer and poly bags to package them up for a birthday girl!  They loved them and it was so cute to see her go through the box of cookies and pull some out to save for herself, instead of sharing with her classmates.  :D
I think the kitty cookies are adorable!! But I need the recipe for the cookie too. I'm new to this site, so I'm not sure if you can message me back, so please if I can get the recipe, I want to make them with my granddaughter,<br/>Here is my email address,<br/>raeannraerae@aol.com <br/>Thank you
You are awesome! You always have great stuff, I'm jealous
but you do toooo!! :D
haha, thanks, but im still jealous :p
These are so perfectly done! I love them!!! I am very, very sad and disappointed to see that they are not a finalist. When I saw them I thought to myself this would be the winner for sure. The execution is fantastic. Great job and very creative.
i really appreciate that! :D thank you! :) :)
So artistic!!!
who says your not an artist?? :-) this is definitely art!
These are the cutest ever!
thank you guysss!!! :D :D
Those are so cute! Those cookies are like a work of art!
Those are so cute!
Too beautiful to eat =)
So adorable and sweet!
I am in awe of these - they're perfect! :D

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