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Introduction: Vintage Knitting

When we moved my grandmother she had saved all of her old knitting magazines which I am so lucky to have. I just love the vintage look and I love to knit. Why not knit a vintage dress. This dress pattern came from the Spring 1950 Edition of Knit-Knacks. This dress took me about 3 months to knit and was knitted on size 1 needles. Since the yarn required for this pattern is no longer made I had to find a suitable substitute. I also had to amended the instructions for the yarn. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates. Since Bernat Baby Coordinates did not come in a color I liked I decided to dye my dress. Yes I am crazy. I also did not know that acrylic does not die. The shiney part of the yarn did take the die, while the acrylic part did not giving it a tweed look.
It's a good thing I love tweed.



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    All I can say is WOW! You did an awesome job!! I make projects that don't take long because I don't have the patience to wait until it's done. Bravo for sticking to the project and finishing it!!!

    so, so beautiful. love the heathery look and the color, the dye job worked out perfectly. nice detail- pattern looks challenging.
    question-  did you dye the dress or the yarn before it was knit, also what brand /color dye did you use??? the color is lovely- very inspiring work. :D

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     beadrad824  I first knitted up the dress in pieces then soaked them in the die.  I think I used Rit.  I do not remember the color.  All I know it that the reason it came out that way because acrylic does not take die very well and the yarn used was an acrylic blend.  

    What a gorgeous dress! But, alas, I can only crochet

    I inherited all my mum's knitting patterns, some of them are amazing. I love this pink dress, even though you did not intend it to be tweedy!

    Stunning, I envy you. I love to knit clothing and that is a nice piece for sure. I like the tweed look its a one of kind.

    Very pretty! Older patterns are harder to work with, so good job!

    What talent - Fantastic dress. Pamela

    This is absolutely gorgeous! You have incredible talent. Love it love it love it!!!

    Great job, that looks very difficult to make!