Step 11: Assemble

Since I used a nickel sized socket to form the caps, I used a nickel to trace out the out the pictures.

Close the jump ring into the hinge.

Cut and place the pictures. Slip the hinge into the caps.

Pictures are easily changed out by popping hinge back out.
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RingoWild1 year ago

Brilliant man, brilliant!!


Did you decide on a nickel just for the size or was it also for the malleability?

You must have good paper clips -- I've tried some gentle bending with clips and snapped them. Did you anneal the paper clip? (I'm guessing not because you probably would have mentioned it, seeing as you covered everything so beautifully!)

Many thanks for this EXCELLENT instructable! People like you make this site a great place for quality info! -- Lori

Mrballeng (author)  RingoWild1 year ago
I used nickels because the are readily available. That way getting in the practice to make one doesn't cost a fortune. No annealing, just the plain ol' paper clips I got at the store. Thanks for comment.
gnarledwolf2 years ago

This is staggering! I've got so many ideas from this. thank you for posting!
Mrballeng (author)  gnarledwolf2 years ago
Great! Don't forget to share your pictures.
Hey would it be a good idea that i add another jump ring on top of the other so theres 2 jump rings?
Mrballeng (author)  tiffanyshearts553 years ago
You're the first person to notice the missing jump ring. Yes, another jump ring would be good.
GomSeMaRi4 years ago
OMG... i never imagined something this beautifull would come out of a couple of coins... and free time... i`ll have to do do this project too... but i`m missing some tools... and im a girl ... my dad wouldn`t let me handle a hammer... I`ll try this at some friends... Thank you for the Instructable... Ure great
LOL same here but my dad would let me use a hammer if he is right next to me...... trust me you can make it im currently making mine at the moment and im 13 LOL
This is absolutely amazing! I'm not sure if I'll ever have the materials to pull this off, but as someone who wants to do stuff like this one day I really appreciate you going step-by-step and showing the process of this. Absolutely incredible.
ololol3 years ago
oh thank you SO MUCH

i made pocket watch using this instructable. thanks!
Nahual3 years ago
Does this have a clip to clamp it shut?
Mrballeng (author)  Nahual3 years ago
No, it hangs closed by gravity. One person glued magnet into one he made.
Sparticles4 years ago
I think I did it!
Aparently I didn't heat it enough to soften it first, that caused the problems in my previous comment. But then I found a small crème brûlée burner and this did the job.
The hinge turned out to be the hardest part in my opinion.
And the polishing was done with toothpaste and chocolate, I didn't get the mirror fishish (still a bit cloudy) but at least it smells nice (and it looks better irl than the image) .

Much thanks for the instructable!

nice job! :)
Mrballeng (author)  Sparticles4 years ago
This is amazing!!! You made an exact replica. Great job! Good work!
mr.cookie4 years ago
for the final step i glued a small piece of magnet ( i got from an old earbud speaker) coz it kind of tingled alot when you walk or run. Thumbs up for the tutorial i had a lot of fun fabricating the piece
Here's my first attempt =P.... Awesome idea!!! Just hope my girlfriend likes it =D

Awesome Job!
oh nice sniperwolf,
i'm sure your gf will love this. i'm going to have to try one of these. mothers day is coming up after all.....
Mrballeng (author)  SniperWoLf0074 years ago
Looks like you got it right on. Good Going.
Phanti4 years ago
You blew my mind!
I love the way your brain works, and I wish mine worked more like it!
sumbrero4 years ago
Oh my god it's soooooo cool, I'm going to make one for my girlfriend!
Thanks for posting it.
Outstanding work! I admire the fact that you do all of this by hand.
buteomont4 years ago
This is an awesome project. Thanks for posting it!
cjet56784 years ago
Wow!! Fantastic work, I'm totally impressed that you did that with a lowly nickel! I'm a carpenter by trade, so metal is practically alien to me. I really think I will attempt this one in the spring, when I can do all that pounding outdoors. I don't even own a ball peen hammer, let alone an anvil or "ASO", I'll have to pick one up, cause I really want to do this one.
annagail4 years ago
Very elegant.
taijcuini4 years ago
Amazing and beautiful. Thanks.
andysuth4 years ago
Beautiful work on the locket body.

Does the finish last long?

I am not familiar with your start point: the american coins, would this work with a British coin?

Thanks for posting this bench mark of an instructable.

Mrballeng (author)  andysuth4 years ago
The finish does well. It does get tiny scratches but overall it still looks good. Polishing it again is easy.

You should be able to use a 5 pence which I hear is made the same as an American nickel.
pelna4 years ago
Nice job with the information, makes want to try one very soon
rustygray4 years ago
Absolutely Awesome. I will try to do this.

I look for coins with same birth date as the person being gifted and try to leave that part of the nickel intact.
jlbrsrd84 years ago
What a beautiful necklace. I love the simple design. You could even go in to engrave it, but I like it without. I just wish I had the tools to do this. Keep up the great work!!
kvangurp4 years ago
This is such an inspiring instructable! Way to go!
I was thinking that, should I find the time to make one myself, that at the "bottom", making some space between where the paper clip ends meet and epoxying two small, weak magnets, to keep it all closed.
Best wishes in your endevours!
Mrballeng (author)  kvangurp4 years ago
You read my mind. I was thinking along the lines of making both sides domed amd epoxying in neo magnets in each cap. Thanks alot for the comment.
ktkeith4 years ago
Absolutely great project - beautifully executed and well-explained. Thanks for this!

A couple of thoughts:

- What keeps the locket closed? It doesn't seem like there's any latch or positive holding mechanism.

- Paper clip wire is notoriously weak and susceptible to fatigue. Would it be better to use small-gauge steel wire?

Thanks again. Great job!
Mrballeng (author)  ktkeith4 years ago
Originally, I made the prototype with a locking tab to keep it closed.

However, I left it out of the instructable because I was afraid people would be less inclined to make it the more complicated it seemed. So for this one, gravity keeps it closed.

My idea behind this locket was that anyone could make one without having to buy special materials. Of course paper clips and nickels are easy to find. But your absolutely right. Higher quality materials can be used to make a better piece.
reinovator4 years ago
Thank you,
Very well put together instructions.
I will give this a go.
This method has given me other Ideas for cabinetry and automotive applications.
robbied4 years ago
Fantastic work. I've made a few pendants but nothing as complex or nice as this!
Great instructable, nice clear photos and lots of them.
rodporte4 years ago
Our organization, the Western Maine Blacksmith Association, is always looking for things to sell to raise money. Thank you for this great idea.
stulk424 years ago
Your stuff is incredible!! I'm enormously impressed by how you use such simple, available materials! two nickles, a paperclip and a chain??!!

You're my instructable-McGuiver hero!!

Have an awesome day!
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