Step 3: Make A Bottle Cap

Take a marker and trace the desired size circle onto the disc. I used a socket the same diameter of a nickel. Take a “C” clamp and sandwich the disc in-between two sockets. The top socket needs to be just a little smaller. Make sure to center the coin in the marked circle.

Hammer the disc at a 45 degree angle so that a skirt forms around the socket. You should start to see ripples in the skirt when the edge of the disc is hammered closer to 90 degrees.

Remove the skirted disc from the clamp and place two washer in it. These washers need to fit well. Take tin snips and cut away the ripples along the edge. Place the cap (not a disc anymore) back in the “C” clamp. Hammer the skirt until it sit’s flush with the side of the socket. Remove the cap but leave it on the socket. Refine the 90 degree edge of the cap on the anvil (I use my big hammer as an anvil) with a small hammer.

Take a punch and hammer out any indentations from the backing while it lays flat on the anvil. Place two washers in the cap and turn it upside down on a file. File the cap down until the edges are exactly two washers tall. When the file starts to cut the washers, you should notice a distinct difference in the feel of your filing. You can also periodically check the washers to see if there being filed down.
LOL i ask alot of questions but instead of 2 washers can i use 2 nickles in place of that?
Mrballeng (author)  tiffanyshearts553 years ago
You can. You just have to make sure the height still allows you to roll the edge over.
Sparticles4 years ago
Hello, I have a question.
How do you exacly this: " Hammer the skirt until it sit’s flush with the side of the socket."
Now, my edge has about an angle of 100 - 110 degrees so it doesn't sit flush with the side of the socket yet.
But whenever I hammer my cap somewhere, a bulge appears somewhere else, so the average angle does not change at all.
(This morning i hammered a cap about 1.5 hours and compared with the other cap and there was no change.)

Somehow the circumference of the upper part of my edge must be reduced but I have no Idea how to do that. I see in these images that it must be possible but how?

Does one have any advice?

Mrballeng (author)  Sparticles4 years ago
Make sure the skirt is only as long as it needs to be. Place the washers in the bottle cap and trim off the excess material. Some times I find it helpful to use a punch with a 90 degree striking surface against the cap. Check out the pictures on "polished granite pendant". I included a picture of me using this kind of punch. Let know if this helps. You know where to find me if you have more quetions or would like more explaination.