Step 3: Apply Backing

For the reverse of the card I thought it would be more authentic to cover it in brown packing paper.
To do this, glue the reverse side of the card (unstained) and apply a sheet of the brown paper, and allow to dry. 
Dumb question, why glue brown paper on the back instead of just tea staining the back too? <br>I made some vintage looking price tags for my booth at the antique store by cutting them out of brown paper grocery bags.
That's not dumb. I was going with an old postal theme and this is what they would have wrapped parcels in. <br>You could stain both sides if you like, I just thought it went better with my style.<br>Here in the UK we don't have any paper grocery bags unfortunately, but a very good idea for our friends across the pond.<br>Thanks for reading and commenting :)<br>
Awesome. I love the addition of the postmark!

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