Picture of Vintage Military Button Rings
One day I was wondering through Potobello Market in London. I came across this stand that sold these beautiful buttons. The women running the stand collects collects british military buttons from WWII. She finds military jackets at sales and takes off the buttons and sells them. She also has Greek ones, and glass ones. I bought some Greek ones also the military buttons. We got ones with the Royal Coat of Arms and one with a Greek emporer. When I got them I wonderd what I should do with them. So I decided to make rings.

Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:

You will need:
Buttons (prefferably brass or silver)
Ring bases that mach the buttons
Metal cutters
Industriel stenth adhesive
(optional)  Brass Cleaner

Pretty Girl3 years ago
Neat idea, glad you went green!
Great Job!
firepup104 (author)  Kaptain Kool4 years ago
thank you
eross-14 years ago
cool idea:) I have some neat-looking brass buttons I've been wondering what to do with, this would be great!
firepup104 (author)  eross-14 years ago
post some pics when your done
firepup104 (author)  eross-14 years ago
thanks its a great and easy day project