Picture of Vintage Oil Lamp From Coke Bottle
This is a cool rainy day project if you are looking for something fun to do.  most of my projects originate from boredom, but today I was looking for something to do because it was raining and I was stuck inside all day. I spent alot of time online and i found a bunch of these cool looking oil lamps online so I decided to make one.  
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
- Olive oil
- A Clear bottle works best but any bottle will work
- Scissors
- Tinfoil
- A 100% cotton string or shoe lace
- A lighter
- A funnel 

Step 2: Step 1: Cutting The string

Picture of Step 1: Cutting The string
You will want to measure out about 5 to 6 inches of your cotton string or shoe lace
Note: if you are using a shoelace make sure you cut off the aglit

Step 3: Step 2: Filling The Bottle

Picture of Step 2: Filling The Bottle
You are going to want to fill the bottle with olive oil a little over half way You are going to want to use a funnel when you are filling the bottle because the oil is a pain to clean up. Now you can soak the cotton sting in the bottle, as you are pulling the string out of the bottle take a paper towel and just wipe the paper towel over it to wipe off all the excess oil

Step 4: Step 3: The Tinfoil

Picture of Step 3: The Tinfoil
take a small piece of tinfoil and bend it into a square about an inch by an inch
and cut a slit about 2/3rd's of the through
then slide the cotton string into the slit bend the tinfoil so the string doesn't fall out and bend the rest of the foil over the the top of the bottle

The principal behind this is the same as any other oil lamp or even zippo lighters use this same principal except they use flint to light 
but this oil lamp burns off the oil not the string, this means the untill the oil runs out  this will keep burning but the string wont.
milkdud551 year ago
I love this i sell them to fellow scouts. thanks!
HelmutHound2 years ago
You may be able to cut a slot in the bottle cap to pull the ribbon / cord through.
But how hot does it get? Would the bottle cap idea cause problems?
smitty16 (author)  HelmutHound2 years ago
the bottle cap would most likely get chard but it probably wouldn't cause a problem