Picture of Vintage Old Key Bunting
Vintage use for old keys to spruce up your house for under £8 ($13)
Bunting is all in fashion here in the UK, but this is totally new (for me at least) and will add a unique feel to any home to impress guests, especially when you say you made it yourself!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this instructable you will need;

-Twine (as long as you want it)
-Old or new keys - I got these from ebay 25 for £5 Bargain :)
-Measuring Tape
-Paper luggage tags - optional

Step 2: Cutting to size

Picture of Cutting to size
Start off by cutting your string to size.
I'm using Natural Jute Twine, I got it off ebay £1.10 for 23 metres!! AMAZING It could possibly be bought from a DIY store like B&Q etc but i think ebay would be the cheapest :)

For my bunting I'll be needing around 6 metres, just simply cut to size.
Easy Peasy 

Step 3: Knotting

Picture of Knotting
Tie one end of the string by wrapping some string around two fingers and tying in a large knot for hanging 

Step 4: Treading the keys

Picture of Treading the keys
Now it's time to thread the keys onto the twine.
To do this thread the untied end through the loop on the key and push it down the whole length of the string until you reach to where you want to place the first key.

Once you're happy, loop the untied end of the string through the loop again for a second time and pull the string through until you are left with a double loop around the key.
Pull tight

Repeat this for each key making sure the space between them is roughly the same to make the bunting

Step 5: More tying

Once all the keys have been used simply tie the other end of the twine with the same knot as before.

Step 6: Adding Touches

Picture of Adding Touches
Feel free to experiment by hanging other trinkets to the bunting.

I used luggage tags that I explained in a previous instructable of mine, check them out here : http://www.instructables.com/id/Vintage-LuggageGift-Tags/

I absolutely love old keys! Very cute. Goes great with the twine!