My mother tongue being German, the word ‘Pulley’ did not exist in my English vocabulary until recently. Actually until we wanted to build a zipline in our backyard. Our neighbor gave me this huge old pulley to use, but at the end we settled for a smaller one. Since then I had it stored in the basement. I knew, I wanted to do something with it one day, it just didn’t know exactly what!

Step 1: You Will Need

Old Pulley or new one (can be purchased at any hardware store, I would spray paint it in a dark rusty finish)
Magnetic Crystals
Mason Jars
Craft Silver Wire
2 hooks (to attach to ceiling)

Did you want to "sealing" or "ceiling"?
I love it! Here's my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Outdoor-Chandelier-Lighting-made-with-Trash-and-Kr/">chandelier with bicycle parts</a>. Will have to make one of yours now.
I love yours and this one...i am dying for a steam punk style chandelier...i am going to use both of these and will post if and when I finish! thank you!
I like it! Tea candles are cheap and if kept level can burn for quite a while.<br>It looks exactly like the wheels on my Chinese built garden cart from Harbor Freight. The tires are solid so there is no hole for the valve stem like on a bike tire. Bicycle wheels are good pulleys for some projects since the bearings can last for a long time and pulleys that large cost a small fortune.<br><br>Keep up the good fun!
Just saying...maybe replace the wires for chains...that way could be cooler.<br>No chain, ...?with pointed Pliers you could make a wire chain.
I believe your pulley is a motorcycle front wheel.
Nice that has a great rustic look to it.

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