Step 4: Clean It Up

There it is all covered up, ready for the base.
Do you see why I wanted a steamed curve now, because of that opening just after the corner.
I cut the hole out using a utility knife from the inside while the hole was on a solid surface so I could not rip the veneer
The clean up is done with a single cut file pushing inward only.
Could you add a picture to download of the dial? It'd help a bunch :D
I forget which one I used, you will need to trim the edges and adjust size of corse.
Just to make this clear -- what you made is a box that a standard tower slides into, not the computer case itself? So I assume that the back of the tower is on the left side of your case (the side not shown in any of the photos... maybe take one and post it?), or is that the front of the tower so that a CD/DVD drive can be used? Or does the speaker grille come off/is hinged to expose a CD/DVD? Or something else just occurred to me -- there is no CD/DVD drive. For a server or media computer (streaming only, couldn't play DVDs) that would be acceptable.
You are correct, it is just a box, it's slightly over size for circulation and incase this tower dies. <br> <br>The back of the box is open for cables and air flow, plus it's never seen. <br> <br>The grill with the lightning bolt pops off to reveal the usb ports and CD, mem and sim card slots.
I think This has to be one of the most tastefully done PC mods off all time. Good show Good Sir.<br>I can not stop looking at it. :-)
Can you say anything about airflow? Is there a designed flow ?
Yes, it is 2 inches taller than the tower, and the front grill is lose fiting as well as the speaker hole goes through, I'll check my processor temp if it's high I'll bore some holes in the bottom, the back is open too. <br> <br>If that is not enough there is room for a muffin fan or two underneath because of the lower trim peice.
Congrats on being featured in the newsletter! Well deserved recognition;-)
Looks awesome. I like the PVC curves a lot. The vintage feel is great. FYI the term is knife switch not scissor switch ( which actually makes more sense). The reason I mention this is that I have been buying them on eBay for a little over a year now (I have been building a Frankenstein lab) and wanted you to know that they are easier to come by than you might think.
Nicely done! Good luck with your challenge.
You spelled ravioli wrong on the front of the case.
Thank's for your kind words, I invite all to click on the stars in the upper right to let me know what you think if you don't want to post a comment.
This is amazing. Nuff' said.
Note to Moderators, I entered this in the shop bot challenge because of all the router work that was needed to make everything fit, this is documented in the steps. <br> <br>If I had known there was such a challenge I would have stepped up my router work a notch, oh well that's what I get for not paying attention.... <br> <br>A big thank's to everyone who has commented. <br> <br>
Wow!!! I agree with Junophor... take a bow, and then add a pat on the back! Truly beautiful Art Deco case mod! I think this would make <a href="http://www.slipperyskip.com/" rel="nofollow">Jeffrey Stephenson</a> raise an eyebrow if it were entered in a competition against one of his Art Deco case mods!<br> <br> I think this would qualify as Dieselpunk, or maybe more appropriately '<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decopunk" rel="nofollow">Decopunk</a>.'<br> <br> I've been thinking about an external hard drive bay in an Art Deco style, and you've given me some great ideas....<br> <br> Fantastic use of PVC, and the dial looks amazing!<br> <br> Sorry I can only give this 5 stars;-)
Hi longwinters<br><br>Take a bow for your creative power!!!<br><br>Very cool this project. Im longing for some spare time to create new things too......my head is full with ideas but you know the work.....;-))<br><br>Once again: Very cool <br>Cheers Aeon Junophor
Way cool.
Hey Kiddo, I had real problems photographing it, the thing is way cooler than these pics show, the dumb thing has a presence that demands you look at it, I left several of my weird ideas off because I was happier with the simpler format.

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