Step 6: Face plate

Picture of Face plate
tower construction 015.JPG
tower construction 016.JPG
tower construction 017.JPG

I drew the design I wanted and cut it out using a jig saw, the inlays are from a router cut, after sanding the strip inlays flat I repeated the process with the 4 dots at their bottoms.

The process for making the various holes on the project is as follows, I wanted an exact fit for the fuse box, and the radio brass inlay.

I used a top follower bit and made a jig from scrap wood.

the fuse box width was copied by placing it between the blade and the fence, this made the wood I cut match it's width perfectly, I suppose a good craftsman would just measure, the third pic is setting the length, I just pin nailed the edges to the middle pieces.

Now place that over the hole you have roughly cut and clean it up with your top follower bit and router.


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