Picture of Vintage Soda Bottle Ice Mold
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       Have you ever been ashamed of your blandness of the party that you put together? Is your ice just not cool enough for your punch? Well kiss those problems goodbye! With this vintage soda bottle ice mold you can have the coolest ice to put in your soda. You can have miniature soda bottles as your ice when you drink your soda! Mind completely blown right!? 

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Step 1: Files

       To make this mold I had to digitally produce it using a 3D modeling program. This takes a bit of time to make a mold this detailed so I'll give you the files I used to make this.  In a upcoming instructable I will show you how to make your own custom mold so stick around my page for that upcoming instructable!

Step 2: Materials Needed & Printing

      In order for you to make these soda ice molds your going to need these materials.

- A 3D Printer (Preferably an UP Printer!) 

- Non-Permanent sealant

- Water

-Ice Box or Freezer


      Now using the STL files I gave you above you now need to print it using a 3D printer. An UP printer would be best for this type of project. Depending on what kind of printer your going to use you might have to scale the mold up or down. Preferably up because that will give you most likely a better print.
adamg162 years ago
What are the dimensions? Have you actually used this before? What is the printing time and how much plastic did it use?(cost + shipping)
danm_daniel2 years ago
its great to see that there are people 3d printing molds
ChrisE123 (author)  danm_daniel2 years ago
This is great !

I have a suggestion for sealing it better though, You can make a seal like an 'O-Ring' with some food grade sillicone set in a small rubber tube (There is an instructable somewhere)... Wouldn't it be better to put that in the outside lip of the mould, then hold it together with some strong elastic bands, similar to how commercial 2 part moulds are held ?

ChrisE123 (author)  stephenniall2 years ago
That's a great idea! I was originally going to have that in the instructable but I did this for a class at my high school and ran out of time, so I didn't get to test that out. I will add that on later. Thanks!
faacuunndoo2 years ago
Gift me your old thing-o-matic!! They are really expensive where I live! I will build one but I don't have money now!
ChrisE123 (author)  faacuunndoo2 years ago
I'm sorry but its my school's. I'm entering the UP contest so hopefully I can win a printer so I can give the other one away! Wish me luck!
Where did you get your 3d printer from? Make and Model?
ChrisE123 (author)  x3wayassassin2 years ago
Its our school's makerbot that we got from their website. Its a thing-o-matic.