Vintage Style Bicycle Saddle Bag for your Fixie or Single Speed

Picture of Vintage Style Bicycle Saddle Bag for your Fixie or Single Speed
2013 21:16.jpg
After being disappointed with eBays poor range of saddle bags I decided to make my own. I wanted something vaguely vintage looking so I decided to pull apart an old army canvas bag. I used many of the pre-existing features of the bag in my final design. I needed a bag which could hold everything I needed for long rides. The bag can accommodate: Mini Pump Spare inner tube Clip on bike lights Keys Puncture repair kit Wallet
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Step 1: Find A Bag To Destroy

Picture of Find A Bag To Destroy
2013 21:16.jpg
2013 21:16.jpg
The bag I have chosen is an old army style satchel which I found in a charity shop for about £2. It has an internal pockets, buckle fastening and a thick hemmed edge which I plan to utilise. The first step is to begin disassembling the bag using a seam picker or a Stanley knife (be careful!) try not to cut through or rip the fabric.

Step 2: Salvage Useable Pieces

Picture of Salvage Useable Pieces
2013 21:16.jpg
2013 21:16.jpg
The design of the saddle bag is based around the pieces of material and the various existing features of the bag. You may need to alter the design to suit your materials. Here you can see the internal pocket which I plan to keep and the small metal buckles.

Step 3: Mark Out your Pattern

Picture of Mark Out your Pattern
2013 21:16.jpg
2013 21:16.jpg
2013 21:16.jpg
I decided to copy the original pattern of the bag but on a much smaller scale. I roughly marked out my chosen pattern using a market pen and made sure to measure it all TWICE! As you can see I had made several measurement errors which had to be adjusted. As I wanted to maintain the thick hemmed top of the satchel I made the front panel from a separate piece of material from the original front of the bag. This saves time and relieves the need for more time spent with the sewing machine. Notice the internal pocket adjustments.
Mr Chutney (author) 1 year ago
This project won me an instructables T-Shirt!I feel like a proper instructabler now.
2013 10:30.jpg
This is wicked cool. I'm gonna go see if I can find a bag to modify as well.
The detail with the baton is really clever, I would have never thought of that myself!
Mr Chutney (author)  CruelLeader1 year ago
I actually got the baton idea from another instructable! It makes a big difference and really stops the bag from sagging. I hope your project goes well.
tkeech1 year ago
Hey man love the bag and the bike. Can I ask what bike saddle u have because I am looking for a saddle like that
Mr Chutney (author)  tkeech1 year ago
Cheers dude!
The saddle is a Madison Flux. You can also get a Charge Spoon which is basically identical but very slightly heavier. It's a fantastic saddle, highly recommend it.
criggie1 year ago
Does the bag touch the back of your legs while peddling ?
Mr Chutney (author)  criggie1 year ago
No its fine. Before I added the seat post strap it did knock against my legs a little bit. Ideally I would have one of those lovely Brooks saddles with bag loops on the back.
onemoroni11 year ago
Very nicely done.
hogthrob1 year ago
nice work bkonw, like the bike too. i have a '57 claud butler that i am in the process of restoring. going for the same leather seat and saddle combo but keeping the deraileur.
keep up it up dude.
Mr Chutney (author)  hogthrob1 year ago
Sounds like a great project. Claud Butler bikes are fantastic, they seem to last forever. I used to be a postman and the post bikes frames were all Claud Butler manufactured. Each piece of the bike was made by a different British bike company. They were fantastic bikes.
davmaldo1 year ago
Great ible! i just recently did something similar with an old bag of mine. Got an "engineers bag" (convenient, with me being an engineer and all :P ) from an Army/Navy Surplus store and converted it to a pannier. I made the hooks collapsable so bad can still be worn comfortably as a messenger bag. I haven't yet waterproofed it, but I purchased the wax in preperation. here are some photos
Mr Chutney (author)  davmaldo1 year ago
Hello there Davmaldo!
That looks fantastic! There is some serious bag engineering going on there. It all looks extremely practical. My bag takes forever to remove which is its biggest weakness... A quick release system is probably what's needed. Thanks very much for sharing your project!
uersel1 year ago
This looks very nice! Maybe I will make a similar one for my vintage bike I'm just building right now. I would recommend to add rivets to the saddle attachment to reinforce the seems.
Mr Chutney (author)  uersel1 year ago
Excellent recommendation, thanks very much.
danbemp1 year ago
Nice instructable man! Also, serious bike envy. Dunno about those neon green cables though...
Mr Chutney (author)  danbemp1 year ago
Thanks very much Dandemp. The cables don't look quite as bright in real life, I spent ages trying to decide between green and blue... at least they match the bag!
cmmello1 year ago
I was going to make this then realized my bike has multiple gears. Oh well.
Mr Chutney (author)  cmmello1 year ago
Lol, Very good.
I've just stated single/fixed gear in order to encourage internet traffic.
iiswhoiam1 year ago
What a cool project, it reminds me of my beloved Carradice saddlebag. I would recommend waxing the the canvas for waterproofness and to add a little stiffness to the bag.
Mr Chutney (author)  iiswhoiam1 year ago
Carradice bags are absolutely brilliant! I would love one. I love the waxing idea, it hadn't even occurred to me. A little experimenting is in order.
So cool
Mr Chutney (author)  owlplaylist1 year ago
Thanks very much owlplaylist!