The project was to design a tool organization kit. What immediately came to mind was trying to find a way to somehow incorporate this 1960’s suitcase amp thing into the fold. I had been wanting to build a recording device that is universal; accessible; portable; station adaptable and presentable. This is a tool that I have needed for some time. 

So many circumstances have left me without what I needed to record ideas. Whether sound effects for movie titles, sound effects for songs, or just sound in general.

With what I have made, I can record four tracks without boucing -- it’s when you record several tracks and combine them all to one track) while playing to it simultaneously. I can play a drum track and then loop it. Plug in my guitar, and play to it while the music is going and record.  And it’s not limited to that.  Add whatever compilation of sounds you like.
And when your finished, you can then hang the the entirety of your work on your wall or take it to a friends house, or maybe your other band members houses where they could put down a some tracks.

Simple is better, more accessible is better, and portable is better.

I love to take old ideas and merge them with the new. With this project, I had a difficult time trying to explain why it is we need the thing! First off, it has vintage speakers. It sounds better. The only problem is that we’re unable to use newer devices on it. When recording, your limited if you use real instruments instead of virtual ones. A lot of musicians almost always refer to the real thing. So how do you record on and play your instrument on a regular iphone dock? You don’t. How do I take my Marshall Half-stack to a friend”s house to record a simple track? You don’t. Having something like what I have built allows you to do those things. No hassle.

Step 1: Things Your Going to Need:



Power screwdriver 

Solder Gun

Wire strippers

1'' Nails and Screws

Guitar amplifier

Two Speakers ( Mine is a 10" and 5")

Table Saw

Speaker Wire

Suitcase Handle (around the house or wherever) 

Wood Glue

Wicker fabric or whatever you like

This is a cute idea, thanks for the share.

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Bio: I am currently a industrial design student studying product design and development. I work as a freelancer and am also a musician.
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