Picture of Vintage Suitcase Turned into a Jewelry Organizer
I have a lot of earrings, and I wanted to make an efficient organizer for them. So... I decided to repurpose a small vintage suitcase (it probably was a makeup train case) for it.

Step 1: The trunk, as found

Picture of The trunk, as found
It was a humble litlle trunk.... the "Little Trunk that Could", to borrow a phrase.
Such a lovely storage idea. Thanks x
So cute! I love it.
SaintSalvage (author)  teddybear1013 years ago
Hmmm, I like this idea... it would be good for a festival earring display as well, and if you only use one side and leave the mirror...
SaintSalvage (author)  AppalachiaAngel3 years ago
Cute & clever. Think jessy has a great idea on wall mounting it too!
Very cute idea! I could see small suitcases being hung on the wall like this. :)