Picture of Vintage Table Face-Lift
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One of the favorite corners of my house involves one of the most unique tables.  People always ask where it came from and how much it cost.  Little do they know that it was a $10 find at the local thrift shop.
If you love thrifting as much as I do, you know that once in a while you come across a great piece of furniture that is in not so great of shape.  I encountered this a few weeks back.  Found a beautiful Brown Saltman, mid-century corner table!  It had lots of scratches and bumps everywhere, not to mention the many water stains, but i couldn't see my life without it.  It seemed impossible to restore it to its natural wood color, so I decided to give it a pop of color and have it match our decor.  Make a 1950's piece a little more modern.


An old, beat up piece of furniture that you can't live without.
Small power sander (if you're a trooper, go at it by hand)
Sand paper
Primer (i recommend KILZ if you are using spray primer or ZINSSER if you want to use a brush or roller)
Spray Paint in your favorite color (make sure you decide if you want a gloss or matte finish)
Sealer (I like KILZ complete)
An old rag or if possible a hand held vacuum
A big, open space and lots of patience!
What a great table - it looks amazing! :D
L.A.Woman (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
Thank you. It was a sweet find. Great style, perfect corner piece and great brand name. Getting it back to original shape would have been great, but it had too many stains. This suits our home perfectly though.
bwells131 year ago
One way i found to get out the water stains on old tables was after sanding it down clean the wood with murphy's wood soap. It worked pretty well on a side of the road coffee table we found and refinished!
Reffner2 years ago
I suggest reading and following the directions on the paint can. Some primers lose their ability to hold the top coat of paint after curing too long. All the rattle can primers I use recommend top coating within 15 minutes if you have followed their specific directions and done several light coats instead of one heavy one. Also, many paints either need to be re-coated within 15-30 minutes, or after 7 days due to the gassing out process. Paint applied over top of a "dry" coat that's not fully gassed out will result in bubbles or orange peel, which pretty much means strip it down and start over. Best to follow specific directions for the brand/type of paint you're using.
L.A.Woman (author)  Reffner2 years ago
Perhaps you're right, however being that it was a project I did, I posted instructions as I found to work. This table was done last year and has been a part of our living room for months and iy looks absolutely perfect! So maybe your method I'd correct, but my method worked just fine on this project, that's why I posted directions the way I did.