I am calling this a "Resurrection" not a "Restoration" as I took some liberties with materials and methods in bringing this childs tricycle back to life. But at the end of the day it is true to the spirit of the original and the smile on a little girls face 40 or 50 years ago would look the same as the smile on my god-daughters face when she saw her "new" tricycle for the first time.

My "Modern Resurrection" involved some very hi-tech features: 3D printed pedals; laser etched & cut leather seat; computer reproduced & cut vinyl fender graphics & lastly: laser cut and engraved acrylic "head badge". I personalized most of the custom parts with her initials (she now has her own logo!) and the vinyl graphics were digital reproductions of the original graphics found on the fender as I was stripping away the layers of paint. Without technology I would not have had the skills to "Make it Real" and in the process bring this tricycle back for, hopefully, another 50 years of enjoyment.

This instructable will show the steps I went through, both the hi-tech and the low tech, to resurrect the little red trike.

I have posted the 3D file to 123D - Here is the link: http://www.123dapp.com/stl-3D-Model/Vintage-Tricycle-Pedals/605620

It puts me in mind of the trike I got for my third birthday in 1963! I must have smiled just like your god daughter because I still remember the happy feeling I had when I rode that trike.
vanweb (author)  carolynosborne3 years ago
It's amazing the memories we keep... but I guess for a child your first bike is your first taste of freedom :-)
ShamWerks3 years ago
This is BRILLIANT! Congratulation, that's the perfect blend of vintage and modern! I luv it!

I had the opportunity to restaure one old tricycle myself... Not as old as yours, and not as beautiful in the end, though it achieve quite the same smile on the face of the little girl whose 5th birthday it was. :-)
You can check it out here : http://www.shamwerks.com/brico-p326_eng.php

Again, kudos for your work here!
vanweb (author)  ShamWerks3 years ago
You did a great job!

Very cool bike.. I have never seen one like that... Love the cast wheels... I was actually considering adding a headlight like you did but was hard to find one for a trike this small... Maybe for her big girl bike in a couple of years.. :-)
parkerq3 years ago
You did such a great job! I want to send you all my old broken toys!