Step 8: Vintage Parts...

Not everything I needed was made new, there is a huge market in vintage bike parts and many things can be found on online shops and eBay. The handle bar grips were faded, dried up and cracked but I was lucky enough to find a pair of NOS grips (New Old Stock - grips made in the 60's that have been sitting in a box for 50 years!) These were the perfect red colour with the little finger divots and textured tops.

I was also able to find a pair of NOS Murray Hubcaps. Murray was the leading maker of tricycles in the 50's & 60's so these hubcaps fit perfectly not only size wise but also the vintage styling. And again like the grips they look brand new even though they are 50 years old.

You may notice the bell... I know it is a little big but it is a vintage "double" bell,  when she hits the little lever it goes "Bbbbbrrrriiiinggggg, Bbbbbrrrriiiinggggg" just like a bike bell should not some sissy little "ting, ting" sound. I mounted the bell over a piece of sheet cork so that it would not scratch the handle bar paint.

Lastly the handle bar streamers.. you would think that red & white streamers for a kids bike would be easy to find... think again.. I could not find any online, and visited every bicycle store and toy store in a 20 mile radius and could not find any and no-one knew where to get any. So the night before trike delivery I bought a red & white vinyl "Canada" tote bag that was made out of the perfect material weight. Luckily the outside of the bag was red but the inside was white so all I needed to do was to cut it into thin strips tie the ends with some wire and poke them through the ends of the handle bar grips. I am glad I took the extra effort as one of the first things my god-daughter commented on was the streamers!
<p>Love your tutorial! Wonderful job! I am in the process of restoring one of my own (same model) and am curious as to how you removed the collars (with ball bearings and attached to the front fender) from the pedal crank shaft? I've got it all cleaned up, but can't quite figure out what is holding these on. Any help would be appreciated!</p>
I didn't, just removed the whole assembly from the forks and then removed the pedals. The crank and wheel was just cleaned and painted as one whole piece. Hope this helps.
<p>In your step 3 photos there is a picture (sixth row down, right side) of two rear tires (one taped, one not taped), seat and the 2 red painted ball bearing fender attachments or collars. These ball bearing collars are what I'm trying to remove from the crank shaft (they are the pieces that bolt to the fender). How did you get them off? I can't tell if there is a retainer clip or something else holding these on. Thanks again. </p>
<p>OK now I understand... </p><p>once I took the pedals off they just slide off.. no retainer clip or anything... just pushed them along the bar..</p>
<p>Thanks for your time in responding. Mine are harder to remove. Will give it a little more effort and see if they will slide off. Appreciate your help!</p>
It puts me in mind of the trike I got for my third birthday in 1963! I must have smiled just like your god daughter because I still remember the happy feeling I had when I rode that trike.
It's amazing the memories we keep... but I guess for a child your first bike is your first taste of freedom :-)
This is BRILLIANT! Congratulation, that's the perfect blend of vintage and modern! I luv it! <br> <br>I had the opportunity to restaure one old tricycle myself... Not as old as yours, and not as beautiful in the end, though it achieve quite the same smile on the face of the little girl whose 5th birthday it was. :-) <br>You can check it out here : http://www.shamwerks.com/brico-p326_eng.php <br> <br>Again, kudos for your work here!
You did a great job! <br> <br>Very cool bike.. I have never seen one like that... Love the cast wheels... I was actually considering adding a headlight like you did but was hard to find one for a trike this small... Maybe for her big girl bike in a couple of years.. :-)
You did such a great job! I want to send you all my old broken toys!

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