Step 8: Vintage Parts...

Picture of Vintage Parts...
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Not everything I needed was made new, there is a huge market in vintage bike parts and many things can be found on online shops and eBay. The handle bar grips were faded, dried up and cracked but I was lucky enough to find a pair of NOS grips (New Old Stock - grips made in the 60's that have been sitting in a box for 50 years!) These were the perfect red colour with the little finger divots and textured tops.

I was also able to find a pair of NOS Murray Hubcaps. Murray was the leading maker of tricycles in the 50's & 60's so these hubcaps fit perfectly not only size wise but also the vintage styling. And again like the grips they look brand new even though they are 50 years old.

You may notice the bell... I know it is a little big but it is a vintage "double" bell,  when she hits the little lever it goes "Bbbbbrrrriiiinggggg, Bbbbbrrrriiiinggggg" just like a bike bell should not some sissy little "ting, ting" sound. I mounted the bell over a piece of sheet cork so that it would not scratch the handle bar paint.

Lastly the handle bar streamers.. you would think that red & white streamers for a kids bike would be easy to find... think again.. I could not find any online, and visited every bicycle store and toy store in a 20 mile radius and could not find any and no-one knew where to get any. So the night before trike delivery I bought a red & white vinyl "Canada" tote bag that was made out of the perfect material weight. Luckily the outside of the bag was red but the inside was white so all I needed to do was to cut it into thin strips tie the ends with some wire and poke them through the ends of the handle bar grips. I am glad I took the extra effort as one of the first things my god-daughter commented on was the streamers!