I have recently found a lot of old burlap in my basement (yes, old enough to be really vintage!).
For this reason I was thinking of ways to use it, when the idea of the clock came to my mind. Whether burlap is old or new, it always gives a "vintage feeling" to whatever it's used for.

For this project I had to make a stencil first, and for some reasons I always have a lot of fun with this technique. Making my own stencil is probably what makes it so fun, I don't think that using an already cut stencil would make it that good...there's so much more satisfaction in it!

But other than this, there's a whole new technique to me in this project: embroidery!
A painted clock was ok, but I wanted to make it special somehow...that's why I thought of embroidering on it.
I learned how to cross stitch when I was little and I tried to make something similar a while ago (not sure what it was, I kind of invented it), so this was the first time I made something like this*.

And you know what? I loved it!! :D

This clock can now be purchased here!

*jessyratfink's instructable "Embroidery 101!" taught me A LOT! I recommend you to read it too if you are a beginner :)


Materials and Tools:

  • Burlap
  • black acrylic paint, sponge and tiny paint brush
  • embroidery hoop (or anything similar)
  • embroidery needle and black cotton thread
  • paper
  • cutter or x-acto knife
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • scotch tape
  • pencil
  • clock mechanism with clock hands

Step 1: Prepare Your Burlap

Cut a piece of burlap that is bigger than how your clock will be. My clock (the circle) turned out to be about 25cm (9.84 inches) but my original piece of burlap was about 40x50cm (15x19 inches).

To be able to embroider well you need to put your piece of burlap in an embroidery hoop. Unfortunately, I don't have one because I had never embroidered before, so I found a scrap of wood with a large hole in the middle (something like a round frame) and decided to use it instead.

I laid my piece of burlap on my round frame and stapled all around it, keeping my burlap as tense as possible.
This way I made my own "loom" and I could finally work on it.

<p>Congratulations on being a finalist! Well deserved :-)</p>
<p>Thanks! I won runner up...</p>
<p>I just saw :-( Looking at all the other entries, this looks a lot more deserving and complex. Unlucky Linda - should have got first prize at least!</p>
<p>Thank you Jinds! This is one of those times where I don't agree with the results either, but oh well...let's hope it goes better next time! :)</p>
<p>That's the spirit! Hope it goes better next time, best of luck!!:-)</p>
<p>Congratulation Linda!</p>
<p>Thanks Ayesha, congratulations to you as well!</p>
<p>Congrats on making the finalist! All my favorite people have made it!</p>
<p>Aw thank you Shazni!! :)</p>
<p>Wow,this is awesome! </p>
<p>Thanks a lot!! :)</p>
<p>Very creative. I think i'll have a go at making one myself. Do you have an idea of how many hours you spent on just the embroidery?</p>
<p>Thank you! <br>I had never done it before so I was pretty slow at first, but excluding all the breaks and the fact that I started one day and finished the other, I think it took me about a whole afternoon. Actually, I had a lot of fun doing it! :)</p>
<p>Wow~ I was wondering what to do with an small old clock lying in the house. I think i'll make this!!~</p>
<p>I'm glad about that, thank you! Let me know how it turns out :)</p>
<p>Hehe ok!</p>
<p>that is awesome!! congrats Linda!!</p>
<p>Thank you so much Andrea!! :)</p>
<p>Thank you!! :)</p>
<p>Wow! love how it turned out! I'm working on a vintage inspired craft too :D</p>
<p>Thank you Muhaiminah! I can't wait to see what your project is :D</p>
So so beautiful!!!
<p>Thank you so so much Emily! :D</p>
You're welcome!! seeing this clock reminded me of something I wanted to ask you: how is it going with your etsy store??
<p>I haven't updated it in ages so it's not going so well :( but I think this clock will end up there very soon! And hopefully some of my lamps too! :D</p>
<p>Great and easy to make! :D</p><p>As always ;D</p>
<p>Thanks Filippo! What does the graphic designer in you think about my first main photo with text on it?? :D</p>
<p>Ehehe! It's a really effective cover! Especially the clear and homogeneous background makes it look like a pro photo. And the font choosed for the text is a good one! :D </p><p>Well done, indeed!</p>
<p>*sigh of relief* thanks! :D<br>The white photo looked too empty so I decided to add the title...</p>
<p>Good choice! :) Perfect light on the clock, too! :D</p>
<p>This is so cool Linda Ji. I love burlap. Loved it and voted :)</p>
<p>Thank you so much Tarun ji! :) you see, I got over my initial laziness and finally did it :D</p>
bravo!!!! It must have required lots of non lazy patience :)
<p>Yes, but I had a lot of fun too! :D</p>
That's the best reward :)
<p>I love burlap too! love love LOVE!</p>
<p>Thank you Shazni!! My love for burlap has grown after making this project! :)</p>
<p>so pretty! i love burlap and you use of it is very creative linda!</p>
<p>I'm so glad you like it, thank you so much! :)</p>
<p>very nice,I would have used the thin cotton crochet thread.</p>
<p>Thank you Ayesha! I started using embroidery thread at first, then I ended up using the cotton thread I use for crocheting for most of the clock because I didn't have enough of the other. I worked much better with the second one :)</p>
<p>Nice , ingenious</p><p>Unique and low cost ..</p>
<p>Oh thank you for your kind compliments! :)</p>
<p>Wow, gorgeous!</p>
<p>Thank you so much Natalie! :)</p>

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