Step 10: Final Install

Picture of Final Install
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Put everything together in the case.

Now the hardest part of the whole project, negotiating with the wife for a place to put in the house. After some discussion, the radio now has a nice home. Despite the small speakers, the sound is actually pretty good. It also has an audio out so I'm later planning on hooking up to a central sound system for the house.

Acoustic Energy also released a new firmware which you update wireslessly which is pretty cool and one very nice feature is you now can configure your favorite Internet radio statics on their web site www.reciva.com which will then automatically download to the radio. This is a very nice feature because there are over 5,000 Internet radio stations in their directory and even though its sorted by location and genre, its a big overwhelming to navigate through and is much easier to do on the web. You can also add your own radio station URLs on the web site which will then download to the radio which comes in handy if you have a local favorite radio station that is not in their directory. Recently they've also added a podcasts so you can listens to podcasts too.
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nice !