Introduction: Vintage Buttons Necklace

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- Buttons
- Chain or ribbon
- Glue gun
- Thick lace


Step 1: Placement

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Decide where you want your buttons to go and glue them down to the lace. Cut off the excess lace so it's barely noticeable. 

Step 2:

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Cut two even strips of ribbon and glue to each side. 

If you're using chain line up the part that hooks and cut two even pieces then glue down the "raw" pieces to the back of the lace like the ribbon. 

(P.s. I put lines of glue on the back to make it sturdy)

Then you're done!


sarahlynnmurphy (author)2013-06-26

You could also glue this onto a headband or hair clip for a cute hairpiece!

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