I had an old beat up NES system that I wanted to refurbish and bring back to life. In this day and age, NES systems are fairly retro so I decided I would go with a retro feel to the paint job. Nothing says retro like gold and wood grain. All it needs now is a scotch and some leather bound books. The carbon fiber was just out of pure curiosity to see how it would look in combination. I think it adds an interesting contrast. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Base Coats

So I neglected to take pictures of the break down process but it is fairly simple (Sorry!). There are a dozen or so screws on the bottom of the Nintento and inside that must be removed. Once the processing board is taken out, you are left with two halfs of the shell. The top half, controller, and gun zapper i painted beige in preparation for the wood grain hydrographic film. With the bottom part, I went with a metalic silver mixed with a bit of blue for the carbon fiber. All the accent pieces were painted with metalic gold. All of this was done with automotive paint. It seems to be the best for the hydrodipping process and allows for a durable paint job once it's all done.

<p>is that a phone case?</p>
<p>This is a phenomenal build!amazing job. I have 2 original NES just sitting around. I think I will try this. Funny enough I found carbon fiber decals and wood grain decal stickers at my local dollar store. 12x12 in sheet packs for $3. Might be a great alternative for the dipping. :)</p>
<p>I would like to see how it turns out! Thanks for the comment and best of luck on your project!</p>
<p>Did you hydro dip this yourself or did you have it done by someone else?</p>
i do it all myself. i have a set up in my garage. i use a 150 gallon stock tank.
<p>Nice! You should make an Instructable on DIY hydrodip. I've seen some videos of it and it is so mesmerizing to watch.</p>
very nice paing job! i love it!
I think the carbon fiber and wood zapper looks freaking awesome!
Looks badass
Nice job! I've done Xbox 360 and PS3's before, but never seen a nes done. I love it and think I've got something to do next weekend.
<p>cool idea! but carbon fiber and wood don't match very well IMHO...</p>
The next instruct able you produce should be a holder for your camera! By the way, this was a great idea. I loved my old NES until my kids thrashed it!
I love it. At first I was a little concerned about ruining a classic but, this was genius. So very well done. I love all of it. Well done
thanks so much!
Dude! Bravo! I freakin love it!
<p>Glad you like it!</p>
That is awesome.
<p>Swanky! And the wood grain looks so good :)</p>
<p>Hey thanks! I am in love with wood grain patterns on everything. Even my macbook is wood grained. </p>
not gonna say anything bad but I think all gold and wood or all gold and carbon would look amazing.
<p>i did struggle with that decision. I ultimately decided that I wanted to see what the crossover between the &quot;old fashioned&quot; material and &quot;new age&quot; material would look like. I appreciate the comment though! Thanks!</p>

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