Step 4: Makin' the band

Picture of Makin' the band
Next, place the button assembly on the mandrel, approximately where you want to size it (you can adjust this in a sec). I usually place it half a size smaller on the mandrel than I want my finished ring to be, because it always gets bigger during the making. So in my photo, I've placed it on the 5.5 size because I'm really making a size 6.

Bring the two wires around the mandrel, making sure to keep them on the same side as they were when you made the last twist (meaning, don't cross them. Keep the top wire on top and the bottom wire on the bottom). Wrap them back around to the bottom of the ring, and pass them underneath. They'll now be sticking out on both sides of the ring's "undercarriage". This will give you a nice open-concept look to your ring band.

Next, take each wire one at a time and wrap it clockwise (or counter, depending on the natural flow of the wires) around the base of the ring. You can wrap each a half-turn and then the other, then back to the first, etc. if you want, to help keep the spiral even. I find that once you get good, you can just hold the mandrel between your knees and wrap with both hands (keep it clean, people).

Once you've gone around about 2 or 3 times, cut the wires as close as you can to the spiral. Finally, take the smallest nose pliers you have and tuck in the ends, so they don't scratch you (this may need adjusting when you try it on... ouch).

And that's it! One fabulous cocktail ring, all ready to go!