Vintaj Step-by-Step Filigree Ring





Introduction: Vintaj Step-by-Step Filigree Ring

Vintaj Filigree Ring


Form a Diamond Trellis Filigree into a beautiful ornate ring base. Embellish with a gorgeous glass bead to create an outstanding ring!

1. Place the 8.5mm cylinder side of the Bail Making Pliers on the back (rough side) of filigree to start forming one side into a ring shape. 

2. Continue using pliers to round out the opposite side, creating a perfectly round ring shape until the two ends meet. 

3. Use chain nose pliers to spread open the petals of a 12mm Filigree Bead Cap, to tightly fit over the disc bead. Repeat for a total of 2 bead caps.

4. Cut a 5” piece of 20g wire and string the following; bead cap, disc bead, bead cap. Push pieces tightly together onto the center of the wire and form the bead cap to the shape of the bead with your fingers.

5. Use your fingers to bend both ends of wire back creating a U shape.

6. Position the bead onto the ring base. Use Chain Nose Pliers to feed one end of the wire between the top points of filigree and through the opening beside it.

7. While holding the bead tightly against filigree, continue to feed the wire through the opening to create a double coil to secure. Adjust the position of the bead, slightly pushing it up towards the wrapped end.

8. Repeat coiled wrap on opposite side to secure. Use Flush Cutters to trim excess wire hidden under the ring base.

9. Use Chain Nose Pliers to tuck in wire ends to create a smooth surface inside the ring.

10. Use Chain Nose Pliers to carefully crimp down and form filigree bead cap petals tightly against bead to complete your ring.

F280/694265 – Diamond Trellis Filigree (1)
BC40/694927 – 12mm Filigree Bead Cap (2)
TSPW10/920843 – 20g Vintaj Natural Brass Colored Wire (5 inches)
375980 – Swirl Flat Disc Bead (1)

Bail Making/Filigree Shaping Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Flush Cutters

All supplies available at Hobby Lobby stores and their online shop.



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