Step 3: Pulley system to open and close your curtain

- Fix one closed eye screw hook in the beginning of the curtain track and another one at the end.

- Pass the rope through the screw hooks and fix the two ends of the rope to the first curtain wheel

- Done! Now you can pull one side or another of the rope to open and close your new curtain.

sir,i have n't understand how u attached this curtain to pulley.can u pls add some more drawings?
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How about a cd curtain?<br />
I like it!&nbsp; Securing the records to lines was smart.&nbsp; I know from experience flat records make poor structural elements, so you have neatly sidestepped that.<br /> <br /> I suggest slicing a stack of records in half, and glue them overlapping on a narrow piece of plywood or mdf to make a nice valance for the top.&nbsp; The cut sides would all go towards the ceiling, and provide a nice gap-less line to give you a finished look.&nbsp; To mount it you could secure a cleat on the ceiling, and then screw through the cleat into the back face of the valance for a clean install.<br /> <br /> Alternately you could work a similar valance into the curtain track and mount it all at once.<br /> <br /> Thanks for the great ideas to string up a record curtain!&nbsp; I may do this soon.<br />
Thank you Faithblinded for your comment and the valance idea. I was thinking of do it with seven inch records, but your idea is better.<br />
Cool! If you add a valance, please update us with a picture of it!<br />
I&nbsp;noticed you used Pink Flyd's &quot;Dark Side of the Moon&quot; album, have you checked to see if any of these are valuable?
Yes I did. these records cost me a quarter dollar each. Thank you for your comment.<br />

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