It's time to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So I decided to use some old vinyl records to assembly a curtain to my bedroom.

They are cheap to buy, easy to use and will shade your bedroom as a blackout.

In nature, they will take 500 years to decompose so, nature says thank you!

List of Materials
- Vinyl discs
- Curtain tracks
- Curtain wheels
- Thin rope
- Paper fasteners
- 2 closed eye screw hooks

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Step 2: Assembly the vinyl discs in lines

- Bind the thin rope to a curtain wheel and insert it in the curtain track

- From top-bottom, start fixing the disks to the rope using a paper fastener, wrapping around the rope, as seen on the picture. I chose this fixation method to not harm the discs.

- space the vinyl discs equally to take advantage of the maximum coverage area of each disc.

- Create as many lines you need to cover the whole area.

sasi bindu2 years ago
sir,i have n't understand how u attached this curtain to pulley.can u pls add some more drawings?