Vinyl Laptop Decal





Introduction: Vinyl Laptop Decal

Create custom vinyl decals for your laptop and other devices, like this zombie, in just a few simple steps using the Silhouette Portrait® or CAMEO® and Silhouette vinyl.

Supplies you'll need:

Step 1: Design

Open the design in the Silhouette Studio® software and resize the image to fit your device.

Step 2: Cut

Feed the black vinyl directly into the Silhouette, white backing side down.

In the Silhouette studio software open the Cut Settings window > select Vinyl from the materials list > click Send to Silhouette.

Step 3: Weed Out the Design

Using the hook tool, weed (or remove) the excess vinyl from the white backing.

Step 4: Apply Transfer Paper

Cover the zombie design with transfer paper.

Use the scraper tool to ensure the vinyl adheres smoothly to the paper > slowly remove the transfer paper and vinyl from it's original backing.

Step 5: Transfer Design

Use the grid lines on the transfer paper as a guide when lining up the design on your device.

Carefully adhere the vinyl design to the laptop > use the scraper tool to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles created when transferring.

Step 6: Finish

Turn on your laptop > step back > admire your skills and the glow of the new zombie eye!



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    what is that printer/cutter u used? Make/Brand

    Are the decals removable? I'd like to have students make their own laptop decals but the laptops are school-owned so they would need to be easily removable.

    I don't know about the Silhouette vinyl, but the Oracal ones I've worked with are. Might be a little tricky at times, but generally they leave minimal residue if removed cold.

    If you can get a masking vinyl in black - use that instead, it has low tack adhesive for easy removal, leaves no residue at all and still holds one well enough.

    I attempted to connect to the webinar but was unable to get it to work. Did you happen to record the talk?

    Have the cameo BUT can get it to line up and do a decent cut. :(

    hey busyB. if you like you could e-mail me at maybe i can help you to get it right!

    Emailed you and Thanks.....

    Love the Silhoette too! Is this a sponsered instrusctable?

    I'd love to see more about how the design was created in or imported into the software.

    Awesome decal. Thank you for sharing. I hope to get a Cameo soon.