Step 5: Done!

Now just put the hands on. Depending on what color your hands are you might want to paint them. I didn't have any paint so I just put them on backwards and found they contrasted nicely with the black vinyl.

Now just put the battery in and enjoy!

Awsome i made mine out of an old rainbow starwars vinyl best thing i own now
Drew some inspiration from this and made mine from a Bridge over troubled water LP, Thanks! <br><br>http://www.flickr.com/photos/gogreenr/6790063662/
Dollar store clocks should work well here.
I made mine from the Laser-Etched side of Styx's &quot;Paradise Theater&quot;
I made mine about three moths before reading this, using the laser-etched side of the Styx album, &quot;Paradise Theater&quot;
I made a clock like this some years ago from a $2,- Ikea clock and a Ennio Morricone record (because it was 25 cents and they had about twelve copies of it in the store). Looks great on the wall.
Stick it to the man! Nice one.

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