Picture of Vinyl Record Clock
Do you want to prove you are the ultimate [insert band name here] fan?
Do you want to recycle an old vinyl record?
Do you want to make a really cool clock?
Do you want to break the typical wall clock mold and stick it to the man?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then look no further!

I'll show you how to take your boring old wall clock and turn in into a super fabulous vinyl record clock in under 5 minutes!
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Step 1: Materials

The materials you will need for this project are as follows:

- 1 old electric clock. You could also buy an electric clock movement, I found one here for about $3.
- Screwdriver
- Pliers or adjustable wrench
- Vinyl Record (I used Kenny Rogers because he's awesome!)

Step 2: [Un]Screw-It

Picture of [Un]Screw-It
Grab your old clock, flip it over, and take out the screws.

Step 3: Out With The Old

Picture of Out With The Old
Once the screws are out, remove the glass on the front of the clock then pull off the hands. Then use your pliers or adjustable wrench to take off the nut underneath where the hands were.

Now that you have the movement separated from the old clock you are ready to marry it with the record.

Step 4: Insert Movement

Picture of Insert Movement
Insert the movement into the record and secure with the nut.

*note - This might take some finagling. It helps to try to screw the movement into the record rather than just jamming it in there.

Step 5: Done!

Picture of Done!
Now just put the hands on. Depending on what color your hands are you might want to paint them. I didn't have any paint so I just put them on backwards and found they contrasted nicely with the black vinyl.

Now just put the battery in and enjoy!

lumpee3 years ago
Dollar store clocks should work well here.