Sooooo I decided for my wedding that I'd make four cupcake stands for afternoon tea.
It being a vintage wedding and the fact that we both love music I thought why not make it out of records ;-) and so the record cupcake stand was born!

This is ridiculously easy so don't worry you will get there. I believe in you even you have doubts yourself, ok let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need

1x 45cm long m10 (10mm) threaded rod.

(Hardware should have these and usually sell them in 1m lengths so make 2 stands and give one to friend!)

6x m10 nuts (normal not nylon self tighten)

6x m12 penny washers

2x 20cm radiator chrome covers (these are light plastic and cut with a scissors)

1x end m10 nut to finish off the top

3 x records (1x 12 inch 1 x 10 inch 1x 7inch)

All this should set you back just over a tenner.


Pliers to tighten nuts
Lighter or heat gun to melt vinyl
Knives to clean up vinyl
Wow nice stands ;-) holly
<p>This is such a great Idea!! I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to modify it to fit my existing cake stand with a center hole. I've included some photos of the stand with the center hole. They're loaded with Christmas cookies!:) The bottom plate has feet on it already. </p>
Haha perfect! Nice idea with the juice dispenser! Or even a burco built into an old radio for tea!
Great idea. Would be awesome fto put out at dances. You could do a whole theme. Maybe ajuice dispenser or something from a turntable arm.
Wow! Cool! This is such a cool idea!

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Bio: I love learning and I love making stuff! I also love music
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