For all you holiday music lovers* out there, here's a non-traditional Christmas tree to help you get your real tree-free winter wonderland groove on.

This is a wall mounted 'tree' made from vintage holiday LP's and a vintage inspired record player as the trunk. It's topped off with a rock 'n roll inspired marquee star that has a built in on/off timer.

There's no need to have a Blue Christmas when you can add some Joy to the World with this unique take on a holiday tree.

Let's go (go)!

*For all you hardware store lovers out there, check out my Ladder Chirstmas Tree and Star Light Tree Topper!

Thanks to Peace Industry in San Francisco for the use of their beautiful rug for this project shoot!

Step 1: Supplies


- 16 holiday long playing vinyl records from thrift stores
- small, vintage inspired record player (I used a Crosley Executive Portable USB Player)
- small wall mounted marquee star
- small wooden stool (I show you how to make one in steps 4-7)

- Fun-Tak mounting putty or other picture hanging strips
- one small nail
- blue painter's tape
- marker
- sand paper


- measuring tape
- level
- ladder
- drill press or hand drill
- drill bits
- hammer
- sanding block

<p>I was going to make this but, could only find 6 Christmas records at the thrift store. :(</p>
<p>This is so cool &amp; awesome! :) Waw even! :)</p>
<p>This is cool. I like how the records are playable and not just for decoration. </p>

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