Hi there!

This intractable is a quick guide to show you how to create these awesome looking stool! It's pretty cheap coming in at around 4 euro's for each stool!

They are very easy to make and take just about 10 minutes to make!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Parts List!

- IKEA "Marius" Stool (they're super cheap coming in at 3 euro's each. )

- A stack of old vinyl record's (You can pick these up for little to nothing at flea markets or thrift stores!)

- PVC glue. ( Vinyl records are actually a type of pvc, so pvc glue is a cheap option to glue them together!)

- 5mm by 30mm screws. (The original screws will be too short!)

<p>oh and good luck with that invnchin</p>
<p>Sophia is the best thing to think about.</p>
<p>Great idea! Now what to make with those leftover white disks?</p>
thank you! They make some very nice makeshift frisbee's!
Very interesting design! How long did it take to build?<br><br>Have a great day! :-)
Thank you! They only take about 5-10 minutes each to make! Have a good one!
<p>Great idea, I love it!</p>
Thank you!
<p>These would be perfect for any vinyl record lover. </p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
Very cool! I may have to sacrifice some of my record collection. Did you use a rod/dowel of some sort to keep the disks aligned as you glued then? I think that would aid in getting the parts together quickly before the glue sets. Looks great! I'll have to see if I can find some bar stool height ones for my breakfast island.
<p>Thank you for your comment! I didn't use any kind of alignment tool expect for my laser eyeball! The glue actually takes just a few seconds before it sticks together and won't move anymore. Let me know if you're making it!</p>

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