Picture of Vinyl Style Drink Coasters
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Background story: I was looking for a birthday present for one of my friends that was unique and felt like it had a lot of thought put into it. They are a big music fan that collects vinyl records and a beer snob. So, I wanted to incorporate both things together to make an amazing gift. So, I decide to make vinyl drink coaster.
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Step 1: Materials

1) Pocket DVD-r or CD-R
2) Chalkboard Spray Paint (Major hardware store or Craft store)
3) Painters Tape
4) Vinyl Bumpers
5) Expo Marker or Something to hold the DVD or CD from the middle
6) Scotchpad or Sandpaper (320 or higher)

Step 2: Prepping

Picture of Prepping
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1) Taping the center of both sides with Painters tape.

(In the end, I decide for aesthetic purposes that I would paint the whole thing and not tape the middle. In the beginning I had the idea of leaving it clear, painting the middle white, or putting a small sticker in the middle.

2) Sanding the section to be painted.

Take the Scotchpad or sandpaper and lightly sand the area in order for the paint to adhere better.

Step 3: Painting

Picture of Painting
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14, 9:48 PM.jpg
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14, 9:53 PM.jpg
1) Shake the spray can thoroughly to ensure best results

2) The first spray should be at piece of cardboard to allow the initial buildup to disappear.

3) Grab the expo marker with the CD or DVD and lightly spray some paint.

(For best results use several light coats [3-4])

Wait about 15-20 minutes depending on the weather.

Don't forget to spray both sides!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches
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1) Remove the tape

2) Add the vinyl bumpers at the bottom. Place 4 of them in a square pattern.

(This will protect whatever surface you place your vinyl coasters on)

3) Finally take picture and admire your work.

I hope you guys enjoy this little project of mine. Post your version of your own coaster. I would love to hear some feedback from you guys!
Nate_o_bae (author) 11 months ago
Thanks guys for your comments! Post yours when you finish it!
Kathy6811 months ago

I love Cheap Ideas :-) Well done !

troberts812 months ago

Love this idea! I'm going to make a set for my home ;)