Picture of Large Scale Vinyl Wall
Painted Accent Walls are for model homes built in 2004; here's to moving on. 
So, what to do with a blank white wall..?

Step 1: Image and Supplies

Picture of Image and Supplies
Supplies: Image, Vinyl sticker backed sheets ($10 from Amazon), razor blade, patience.

First, find an image that will translate well when enlarged and plastered (this project scaled up a 8x11 sheet of paper to about a 5 foot tall image).  Generally something that can be silk-screened makes for a good wall "installation" (blatant art term use).  You should be able to Photoshop select photos into a usable format by essentially making it look like a Warhol (blatant name drop), then converting to black and white.  I chose an icon from a bygone era in one color.  I suppose you could overlay vinyl in several colors, but that is beyond me.  Also, really any image would work with this concept, the determinants being 1) vinyl and 2) your ability to use an x-acto knife.

myrrhmaid4 months ago

This is great! Love, Love, Love Stevie Nicks!

dnorm3 years ago
nice, mr. Devils... i am going to do it... do you have tips on removal if it is neccessary?... i assume Pat Catan's or Michael's might have the sheets as well?... can you advise on obtaining vinyl sheets without adhesive backing?... regards... dnorm
GoDevils (author)  dnorm3 years ago
I'm not sure if craft stores have vinyl sheets, but I would suspect they do. I haven't yet tried to take the vinyl off the wall, but will advise when I do.
tankdo3 years ago
wow, that was cool! i´ll try it with a larger image!
GoDevils (author)  tankdo3 years ago
Larger! That sounds awesome.
kairedfern3 years ago
How do you enlarge it like that?
GoDevils (author)  kairedfern3 years ago
In print settings, various programs give you an option to enlarge. Good luck!
this is awesome
GoDevils (author)  mr.squeakers4 years ago
Thanks! I only appreciate positive feedback :)