I saw fungus amungus's instructable and bought albums at a garage sale. These images show my final products.
I agree, this is an awesome job. A perfect way to reuse the old things.
hey i have a questionnn, when i take them out of the oven, can i touch it, will i burn my hand, can you answer lquestions like those plzZ?
Awesome! Where they easy to make? if so I might make some. Sweet looking and very inexpensive-great use for scratched records.
Yes, they are extremely easy to make and very entertaining.
Nice job! You've been busy. ;)
WOW! Dang, this is awesome! Nice job, they look really cool, like flowers kind of. I love it when people use other peoples' Instructables, and make something amazing, great job, this looks super cool. +1 rating.

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