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Introduction: Violin Lamp

Hi, this is my first "instructable". I had an old Cina violin bought on internet, and my father wanted to put in the trash, and same thing for an old lamp. So I decided to make a VIOLIN LAMP ! It simple to do, I could put no step, because you only have to make an hole in a violin and put a light into, but finally, I put 4 little step !

Ps: Sorry for my english I'm french :-)

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need only two things:

-A "cheap" violin. (You can find on ebay)

-A lamp that you wanted to throw.

Step 2: Take Only What You Need

Take only what you need of the lamp: The switcher, the wire and the bulb. It depends of what kind of lamp you use.

Step 3: The Hook

Add a little hook on the top of the violin, like this, you can hang your violin !

Step 4: Assembling !

Make an hole on the bottom of the violin, (I didn't take a pic of the hole because mine was horrible ! ) and put your lamp inside.

Congratulation, you have now a beautiful VIOLIN LAMP !!



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    I did it and it was awesome, except I did it with my old viola because I got anew one. Reply if you know what a viola is!

    That's great I used my old guitar tho. I couldn't throw it away because it was special but now I don't gotta thanks(:

    How ironic that I ran across this post the same day my daughter decided to get rid of her violin. I LOVE this light-great idea! Thank you so mych for posting.

    1 reply

    Ahah, thanks !

    +1 Imagine playing next to this lamp :D!

    Thanks :) !! I tried to enter in the contest but it doesn't work (but I'm new so maybe I did something wrong :/, I will wait)

    I see it is accepted in the contest :) All the best.

    Also, you should post a picture of the back, even if you don't think it looks very nice. How did you make the hole?

    2 replies

    Thank you ! The back is really ugly, but I will try to fix it and show it :) I did with a drill I know this is strange but when I did, I didn't have the adequate tools.

    It would still be helpful for other people who also only have a drill. Right now, that's actually the only power tool I have at my house! haha