Vipa is software made in XL programming language made for annoying users via trying to establish data call to their cell phone. Actually users can't accept call. So if you call them again and again victims will become really nervous.

This document and source code included in it is just proof of concept, nothing more, nothing less. Author of this document is not responsible for any damage made using this document etc.

If you do want to set up XL and run the script called Vipa, which offers you calling and annoying people without minicom and detecting if they are unreachable or something else use Vipa.xl. First you need to setup XL interpreter on your Linux. Go to http://trac.m3w.org to know how to do that.

Step 1: Equipment and Stuff Needed for This Experiment

Equipment used for this experiment:

  • FC5 Linux (minicom)
  • USB Data cable
  • Motorola V3

First make shure that you have connected Motorola (or some other) mobile phone to computer using usb data cable. If everything is set in FC5 you should have new device in /dev called /dev/ttyACMx (usually ttyACM0).

The proof of concept is interesting, but making someone's phone ring in an effort to annoy them is harassment. It is illegal in most jurisdictions and anyone doing this should consider the ramifications.
Frankly, when I see an Instructable that uses the word "victim" I feel uneasy. In my opinion this site is about creativity and inspiration, your idea is ill fitted to this site and best kept to Serbian hacking sites
This documents explains how to do calls which can't be accepted without external terminal. I agree with you, maybe it's better to use the word "target". This documents doesn't explain how to hack something, it was made in moment of my creativity...I'm creative in that way :) Check my website and see...
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