Whether you are a Mad Scientist or a Sweet Nurse, it's time to take that syringe and infuse your cupcakes with flavors of your choosing. 

I came up with this idea for my Halloween Dinner Party this year and I wanted to do an eerie take on the cute, classic and innocent cupcake.  With the use of oral syringes you can alter your cupcakes in any way imaginable.  This plays extremely well on themes.  Mine will be Halloween, but yours could be a medical celebration, or a zombie party/walk, Classic Horror Movie-a-thon, etc.  Tons and Tons of ideas.  The idea is to use different flavors for each infusion, or injection ;) - but if you are out of energy - like myself (recovering from surgery), you can take the easy way out and make one filling and dye each color as you wish.

RED - BloodLust (Vampire)
YELLOW - Full Moon Fever (Werewolf)
GREEN - Zombie Virus
BLUE - Mad Scientist (?)
PURPLE - BeWitched

My party :  I will have a creepy/gross/dark butler/server and he will hold the box like a case of cigars and offer a syringe to each guest.  (Cupcakes will already be on the guest's plates, with the rule not to touch yet.)  This is a "choose your poison" affair.  Once the injections have been given out, the guests can all stick their syringes into their cupcakes (just pierce the top of the cupcake), and have the experience that they never thought they would incur.  Then they shall all share an evil laugh and indulge their taste buds.

Step 1: Materials

Baked and decorated cupcakes (cute/innocent).
Oral Syringes - found on ebay, individually packaged.
Fillings of choice.
Gel food coloring as needed.
Ziplock bags or piping bags.
Bad-ass box to put your syringes in.
<p>awesome its cool I like it amazing </p>
Great idea - so clever! I will remember this for future use. Thanks for sharing!
I love repurposed medical supplies. Great idea. Question, is the plastic grade different between hypo and oral syringes, or was it what was most accessable to you?
You Can Get Oral Ones From Pediatricians I Used To Have A Box Full Of Old Robitussin Ones When I Was Little Made Great Assassin Style Squirt Guns
From an artistic perspective I don't see the syringes representing &quot;virus&quot;.<br> If your title was &quot;Evil-Chemicals Cupcakes&quot; you'd have the irony of actually using toxic-looking synthetic-chemicals...<br> <br> L
I don't get it. lol. Usually with artistic merit, things can be seen from many-an-angle.
Viruses are scary because they're invisible.<br> <br> L
coool lol what a neat idea
These look like so much fun!
What a great idea for a party. My son would love this!
That is suitably creepy. :) <br /> <br />Maybe you could randomly choose one of the syringes to spike with sriracha or wasabi? Then one of your guests gets an idiosyncratic reaction/bad trip.
Haha, these are funny! What a fun idea for a party
That is an awesome idea and I love how vibrant the colors are!
What a fun idea! I love it! <br>

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