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Well hopefully you're aboard a virgin flight, have just taken off and find yourself starring out the window, most of my flights are very short (1.5hours or less) and are rural destinations across Queensland and I find myself speed flicking through the in flight magazines, so all you need is your ticket some imagination and you can stretch your fingers!

Although my most recent flight the elderly lady next to me couldn't believe I'd made such a tiny shirt!

Step 1: To Begin

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Well step 1 , all you need is your virgin ticket!

Step 2: Step 2

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Easy! Just separate that ticket stub

Step 3: Step 3

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Easy again , fold the ticket in half lengthways being sure to fold the ticket info on the inside

Step 4: Step 3

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Now unfold the ticket and fold the outer edges into the middle crease we just made, again ticket info on the inside, make this crease firm

Step 5: Step 4

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Find the rounded end of the stub where the inner edges are rounded ( outside edges when ticket is flat), fold a small section of half a centimeter (5mm ) over

Step 6: Step 5 the Collar!

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Now fold the previous fold like the photo, with the outside corner now inside with the corner edges on a rough 45 degree angle

Step 7: Step 6 Taking Shape

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Now we are onto the shirt! Fold a section at the bottom approximately half a centimeter (5mm) from the virgin logo fold this section in

Step 8: Step 7 Tricky Sleeves

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This is the tricky part! Flip the shirt logo side down, open the last fold and pinch the inside fold , now pinch that fold and pull it outwards now push the previous fold back on the new pinched fold causing a small triangle to stick out approximately one centimeter (10mm),

Now repeat this for the other side

Step 9: Step 8 the Final Fold!

Picture of Step 8 the Final Fold!

Here it! Now we have the sleeves just flip the bottom up and gently slide the straight edge under the collar flaps we folded earlier, once you are happy with the position crease the bottom firmly!! And there you have it!!

One tony virgin Australia ticket origami shirt! Bonus is the virgin logo sits right on the front of the shirt!!

Hopefully virgin picks this up and may even print crease lines to the stubs!!

Anyway happy folding , robbo


Pressure Cleaner (author)2015-08-19

Very, very creative. Nice.

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