Virtual LSD


Introduction: Virtual LSD

About: Frivolous Engineering is the end result of a hobby that got out of hand.

This video is an optical illusion will cause visual distortions and I'm told it's just like being on psychedelic drugs.

Also you can download the PDF below and print it out. Then cut out the spiral and put it on your phonograph turntable. Set it for 45 rpm and start tripping!

If you are prone to seizures proceed with caution...



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    Hahahahaha, this is great.. My skin is movin' :)

    Wow! A 2-inch baby just laid a chocolate egg full of glitter and rainbows on my melting hand. Ok, time to watch it again!

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    I've seen this optical illusion presented in a magicians live stage show. The sound of the entire audience reacting to the illusion is priceless!